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Second Scrimmage Storylines: Kicking Battle, Offensive Return, Caleb Porzel

In case you hadn't heard, Maryland held their second scrimmage of the year today, and there was quite the outpouring of news. Need a rundown? Here's the big stories (note: all of these links are from Twitter. Beware if you don't like it):

  • We Were This Close To Having a Kicker - Yeah, that close. Mike Barbour, the leader after last week's scrimmage, looked to have wrapped the job up after a couple kicks. After all, after hits from 3046 (or 50), 36, and 39, how could he not have it? Well, he finished up poorly and missed a couple kicks, and Ralph said he "solidified the job and then opened it back up again." Darn, we were that close. If I had to bet, Nick Ferrara is his main competition right now, though that may not be correct.
  • The Return of the Offense - Maryland's offense has basically been miserably bad. But today, that wasn't really the case. Jeff Barker teased us with the notice that, while the D is still better, the offense is catching up. After all, they scored on their first drive (Turner to Smith for a 34 yarder). Plus, the running backs started to catch fire, with good days from all.
  • Caleb Porzel Makes an Impression - After Chris Turner called him "faster than the speed of light", my expectations raised for the speedy true freshman running back. I wasn't disappointed. He had a 35 yard TD run with a couple of nice moves, and Friedgen said he thinks "we're going to play the kid somewhere because he's so electric. I'd say there's probably an 80% shot his redshirt is burned.
  • Individual Performances - Among the guys that were seen fit to mention for good games: Torrey SmithMorgan GreenEric FranklinTravis Baltz, and Gary Douglas.

That's it for now. Pat Stevens had the first full report out, and subsequent ones will be in the MM.