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Terps and Twitter: The Index

(Yes, this is random, but the scrimmage was postponed. What am I supposed to do?)

Like Twitter? Like Maryland? Then you are in for a treat.

Terps are starting to get on the Twitter train. Unfortunately, those Terps do not include Greivis Vasquez, and someone (Turner? Gary?) needs to get him on there, because until they do, the Twitterverse will not be complete. But there are a few Terps on there right now worth a follow. Behold:

@FearTheTurner: I give unto you the greatest username in the history of Twitter. Yes, Chris Turner has a Twitter, and it is predictably awesome. Some choice tweets: "Caleb Porzel is faster than the speed of light. Truth." and "Dear Thunderstorms, hold out until after the scrimmage. Thanks. Love, Me". It's not standup, but it's legitimately smile-worthy, a feat on Twitter these days. Without a doubt my favorite Terp on Twitter (Twerper?).

@motenlive: Adrian Moten started out a bit slow, but has become a very strong Twerper (that's what I'm going with). Probably #2 on the must-follow list behind Turner, he goes from philosophical ("life is not easy people" and "I have to love life to have fun") to laughingly threatening ("i'm going to sack u turner" and "@Carolinaboy59 i just beat you up and put u in ur room punk").

@Carolinaboy59: Demetrius Hartsfield is more personal than most, and has more conversations with people (especially people not on the football team), which always makes you feel a bit stalkerish. But he's more determined than most when it comes to football ("everybody loves me...n those that dont are fuel to my fire to help me cont my journey...Sept. 5 2009 starts that journey" is his example tweet would be "@motenlive sept 5th ima be on the field ballin and sept 6th ima be partyin it up with my teammates on the flight home and all weekend").

@DirtyTerp13: Probably the second best username on the team, Kerry Boykins isn't quite as interesting as Turner or Moten - most of his tweets consist of "just finished practice" - but he has the occasional solid one. Like "coach just cancelled never happens...he a changed man". Funny for Twitter.

@Gloster15Terp: He used to be a decent Twerper, but Drew Gloster's posting has diminished lately. I'd still recommend a follow, just in case he comes back, but he only has one post since August 8.

@coachfridge: Nothing as funny or informative as the players, but a decent amount of safe info. That's good for me.

That's it for now. Tony Logan has one, too (@TonyLo85) but his tweets are protected, so I don't want to share the contents of them with the world. Gary (@MDCoachWilliams) and Keith Booth (@KEITH_BOOTH) are both on, too. Hopefully some more Terps join up, but I think I'm good with Chris Turner and Adrien Moten right now.