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Maryland Minute 8.2.09 - Maryland Doesn't Make Cut With Lattimore, WVU and BC Swap?

See this guy? He isn't going to Maryland (shocker!). via <a href=""></a>
See this guy? He isn't going to Maryland (shocker!). via

The Dream Ends: Lattimore Names Final Five
And Maryland isn't listed. Never had a shot, but it was fun to dream.

Random Speculation: WVU, BC Swap Makes Sense
I have to say, I don't really agree with the premise, especially academically. But I wouldn't mind it if it got the rivalry going again, full-time. I just don't see WVU leaving the Big East anytime soon, nor BC going back so quickly. Nice thought exercise, though.

Navarre at Jacksonville Jaguars Camp
Jeremy Navarre landed in Jacksonville as an UDFA, and, according to, he'll be fighting with five other rookies for three spots - not bad odds.

Like Williams, plays a position of need. Navarre played both end and tackle at Maryland, and Terrapins coach Ralph Friedgen has praised his work ethic.

John Chilchrist Interview
Pretty interesting interview with John Gilchrist here. There are also two other parts, but this is the starting place. You can tell there are strained relations with Maryland, even still.

Maryland positional preview: Receivers - D1SCOURSE
Even though DHB is gone, I am not at all worried about the receivers this year. With the insane amount of depth there, someone (probably Torrey Smith) will emerge.

Southern Pigskin - Best 10 Maryland Players
Okay list, minus the Shawne Merriman. They get away with not listing guys like Randy White because they say it's since 1975, but I'm not happy about it.