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Knock on Wood: Maryland Still Yet to Suffer a Major Injury

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Coming into practice, the two biggest objectives were probably figuring out the offensive line and continuing the implementation of Don Brown's defense. #3? That might've been avoiding injuries. And unlike the rest of the ACC, Maryland has done that.

The rest of the conference has, for the most part, been hit hard by green jerseys. Like, really hard. The big story was Darren Evans' ACL tear. But NCSt's top defensive player Nate Irving is also out for the entire year. Both teams' ACC title chances took major hits with those injuries. Think about going into this year without Alex Wujciak or Da'Rel Scott.

But wait, there's more. Wake Forest's Terence Davis, a promising young WR who's been impressive in practice, tore his ACL, too. To compensate, the Deacs are moving their backup QB over to wideout. North Carolina's Matt Merletti, who was competing for time at safety and was a co-captain on special teams last year, will miss the entire year.

Need more? Miami's RB Graig Cooper has missed time with an ankle injury. Though he'll be ready to go by Sept. 7, Miami's opener, he's missed a decent amount of practice time already. Georgia Tech's backup QB Jaybo Shaw broke his collarbone, and he'll be out till at least week 6. UNC's backup left tackle Carl Gaskins will be out the entire year. Miami's talented DE Adewale Ojomo could miss the season opener after being supposedly punched in the jaw by a teammate. UNC even lost a player to the MLB.

Maryland? Oh, well, Caleb Porzel sprained his MCL and missed a couple days.

Dion Amstrong did leave the team, but it wasn't exactly unexpected - the coaches had already been planning around him.

If there was any year this was needed, it would be this one. Even though Maryland might be improved (I think so), there is a reason (other than ignorance) that they're being picked low in all the preseason polls and mags. A serious injury could be devastating.

Props go out to the trainers, of course, but sometimes you just get lucky and end up without any big losses. Maryland, unlike most other ACC teams, has. Let's hope it stays that way.