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Maryland Minute 8.17.09 - Building Houses, DJ Adams Has a Shot, More Football Stuff

Friedgen the Carpenter (and a note on Jamarr)
Ralph, building those houses.

These are the dog days and you have to get through them. You need push yourself here. It's like building a house - you have to have a good foundation. Short-change yourself on the foundation and that will be really tough. Your house is not going to stand up. The strength of this team is the work ethic and attitude.

He could've drawn an analogy to the Tyser Tower expansion. That would be a bit more timely, no? Oh, and:

"There are times when Jamarr does some pretty special things," Friedgen said. "We're looking for him to be more consistent. Sometimes he loses focus. When's he focused, he plays very well. He's got a strong arm and can make some tough throws. That's the next step he needs to make."

As Pat Stevens pointed out, sounds a lot like a young Chris Turner.

DJ Adams "Has a Chance" To Crack Top 3
Even though Caleb Porzel has been the more impressive one this spring so far (we think), it's D.J. Adams who has the shot.

Adams had six carries for 24 yards in the scrimmage, and had such a good practice Friday that Friedgen said: "Can he be better than the top three we have? From what I saw today, he has a chance."

ESPN ACC ShootAround
College basketball season can't start soon enough. Especially with Dukie Maryland homers (that makes no sense) like Jay Bilas giving us props:

3. Maryland: The Terps had a very good season, but will be better with some bulk and talent inside. Greivis Vasquez is one of the best guards in the country, but his emotional play seems to get more press than his skills. Vasquez is a complete player whom I believe is underrated. Add James Padgett and Jordan Williams to returnees Dino Gregory and Jerome Burney, and Maryland is not playing shorthanded in the paint this year. And no team will outwork this bunch. The Terps should be back to Garyland's expected standards this season.

Oh, and Sean Mosley is a "key player".

The Return of Anthony Green
I don't really care about the return of the JV game, but Anthony Green is important. Maryland's playing FUMA (that's Fork Union Military Academy, for the uninformed) Oct. 26. Because playing either C.J. Brown or Danny O'Brien would burn their redshirts, it would stand to reason that Jamarr Robinson will take the field. But Ralph came up big with the idea:

"I have a secret weapon," Friedgen said. "I still have [Anthony] Green. We'll run the Wildcat offense." Green, a defensive back, moved over to offense and played quarterback in the spring. Green's the chatty sort, and seeing him back under center (and talking about it afterward) is entertaining by itself.

Sweet! I liked Green, if only because his presence created some mystery and he dominated 3rd stringers. Cool to see him get PT again.

PressBox: Turner Profile
Nothing ground-breaking here, but a good read on a great Terp.

"I’m not going to change who I am," Turner said, "My personality and who I am, I’m always going to be me. That’s not going to change. As far as my preparation and my dedication to this program, I have to take it to the next level. It’s my senior year. I want to go out the right way and have a great year."

Good ol' determined seniors.

More Notes on Saturday Scrimmage
Coming a little late, but apparently WaPo writers get the weekend off, or at least Sunday. Lucky them.

Terps Insider: Four Questions For This Fall
Don't get confused, there's no answers here. Just questions. But important questions!

Quinn Cook Mini-Update: Not Promising
Not bad news really, because it's not an official list, but whatever:

"It's all over the place," Jones said. "There's Wake Forest, Ohio State I talked to last night, and Duke wants him to come down for their elite camp this weekend, but I don't think he's going to make it. Virginia, Notre Dame Georgetown. He's got quite a few. Villanova, too."

Could Maryland have just slipped his mind? Possibly. But with the possibility that Maryland isn't recruiting Cook at all, Quinn wouldn't be one to hold your breath on.

Terps Add WSS to Basketball Schedule - D1scourse
Bonus points if you know who that is without reading the article or looking it up. Hint: they've never had a winning season in D1 basketball.

Fringe Prospect Update: Waverly Austin and Durand Johnson
From NBE:

Austin told NBE that he currently holds offers from South Florida, Cincinnati, Florida International, Temple and George Washington. Other Big East schools that are showing interest include Louisville, West Virginia and Marquette. "Georgetown is still looking at me hard," he added, as well as "Texas A&M and Maryland and Virginia."
"Schools recruiting me aggressively are Pitt, UConn, Georgetown, Florida State, Virginia Tech [and] Maryland," Johnson told NBE over the weekend.

Both are probably fallback plans, or worse, unless they have great senior seasons.

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