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A.J. Francis is a Better Rapper than Terrell Stoglin

Here's Francis, looking swass, about to rap his opponent into submission. Image via <a href="">College Fanz</a>
Here's Francis, looking swass, about to rap his opponent into submission. Image via College Fanz

Didn't set the bar high, I know, but he's better than Bobby Maze, too, for what that's worth.

I noticed something interesting when I read a profile on A.J. Francis:

"[My music career] is really good right now," Francis said. "My last album sold over 25,000 copies, and I got a lot of connections with major labels because of it, so if football doesn’t work out, it's good to know that I have a lot of options. Plus, my new mix tape entitled "The World Is Mine" is coming out in the next two weeks, and it's even better than my last album."

So, of course I got intrigued. I had never know AJ Francis was a musician, but you learn something every day. I must admit, when I started looking around to find his music, I expected to find a Terrell Stoglin type performance. Luckily for me, I discovered he wasn't half bad. Don't get me wrong, dude's not Biggie, but his stuff is definitely listenable.

Francis, who goes by Jack Diamond in the music world, is aided by some really nice beats and hooks, and some of the rhymes are surprisingly pretty good. If you want to listen, check out his Myspace profile. The songs are definitely profanity-laced, and aren't the most politically correct songs in the world ("time to get paid / blow up like World Trade", which I now have in my head), but if you don't mind that, they're really not bad. I recommend Roasta, Realest in Runnin', and Time to Get Paid.

Of course, I hope he's focusing more on bettering himself on the defensive line now that he's going to be the starter at DT.

I might actually put some Jack Diamond on my iPod now. Or my Zune HD, when I get that.

Ok, time to get back to normal sports coverage. I want Steinberg's job so badly, so I get to cover stuff like this 24-7.