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Testudo Times' Take on the Top 25 for CBS Blogpoll

There's a lot of indications that Testudo Times has come a long way since last year. Like, we get roughly the same number of visits in a day as we did in a month just a year ago, or we've actually broken a story now, but the pinnacle? Well, that would be reaching the MGoBlog/CBSSports Blogpoll. Right?

Ok, maybe not, but you'll think it is with all you hear about it this year. Every week, one of us will be posting what we think of the rankings for your perusal, then, after you tell us off on what we so obviously missed, we submit the ballot. Think of it as a cooler, bloggier version of the AP media poll. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Anyway, here's the (early) preseason take:

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Southern Cal
4 Oklahoma
5 Alabama
6 Ohio State
7 Mississippi
9 Oklahoma State
10 Penn State
11 Virginia Tech
12 Oregon
13 Georgia Tech
14 Georgia
15 California
16 TCU
17 Notre Dame
18 Florida State
19 Nebraska
20 Kansas
21 Boise State
22 Brigham Young
23 Oregon State
24 Utah
25 North Carolina


Analysis comes below the jump.

A couple of things you might've noticed: Yes, it's Florida-Texas. Hopefully Stewart Mandel won't create a lake salivating over the matchup.

Southern Cal is ahead of Oklahoma for two reasons: 1) there's so much talent in USC that I'm pretty sure they could stick Sean Salisbury out there at QB and still sniff an undefeated season, and 2) Pete Carroll > Bob Stoops.

Virginia Tech may seem a tad low, but the Hokies are perennially overrated. Without Darren Evans, the team has basically no proven offense. The defense is good enough to keep them top 15, but there might be some very low-scoring games in Blacksburg.

Georgia Tech might seem a bit high, but with Jonathan Dwyer - my vote for best back in the ACC, CJ Spiller fanatics be damned - and Paul Johnson, one of the best coaches in the ACC, I don't think it's out of the question for them to be one spot higher than their in-state foes.

Any other questions? Let me know in the comments and I'll add my reasoning to the list.