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Maryland Minute 8.12.09 - Permanent Captains, Dion Armstrong, Terps Still Lead for Parker

Permanent captains possible - D1SCOURSE
Does it have an impact? Perhaps. Is it interesting? Very.

Friedgen is considering instituting permanent captains for the first time in his tenure after his Terrapin Council asked if it was possible to do so. "I told them I was going to wait until the end of two-a-days to do that and have a team vote," Friedgen said. "I'll probably have two on offense and two on defense and then get a special teams captain for every game."

So, offense will be Chris Turner and Phil Costa? And defense will be two of Travis Ivey, Nolan Carroll, and Alex Wujciak? That sounds right to me, anybody I'm forgetting?

Good news on the Dion Armstrong front (no he didn't qualify)
But AJ Francis thinks that that stuff about Armstrong not being a hard worker is baloney:

"I don't know what the whole situation is as of today, but he's doing the work he needs to do," Francis said. "He gets a bum rap. People say he's lazy and he's not doing the work he needs to do, but he is. It's just sometimes he doesn't prioritize the way he should, but he's fixed that completely. The fact of the matter is he's a different person."

Terps Still Lead for Parker - NBE
He's still probably the most likely to commit next, unless the Terps slowplay him.

"Parker’s top five at the moment includes Maryland, Wake Forest, Miami, Auburn and Arkansas," Landseadel told NBE in an e-mail. "Parker appears to be leaning towards Maryland at the moment, and is planning on making his visits in the fall to help finalize his choice."

SI Says: No Bowl for Maryland
Just some more bulletin board material for Ralph & Co. God knows they have enough of it.

Oh Joy!
Kenny Tate could be a hybrid nickle linebacker. Yes, a linebacker. Is there any doubt he won't be a beast on the field this year?

What's hot (and not) in college football for 2009 - ESPN
Hey! Have you heard Ralph Friedgen lost weight and Maryland's offensive line is young?

HOT: Fridge's thinner waistline: Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen has dropped nearly 100 pounds since October with an improved diet and exercise.
NOT: Fridge's thinner offensive line: If the Terrapins are going to match last season's 8-5 record, they'll have to replace three starters on the offensive line.

CFN's Best Linebackers: Wujciak Clocks in at #22
That's fair, I suppose. He is a tackle machine, even if his game isn't quite as well-rounded as I'd like.

CFN's Best Kick Returners: No Torrey Smith?
Really, guys? He might not've been the most explosive kick returner, but he set an ACC record as a freshman. That's got to count for something. And it's not like they were just from a bunch of 25 yard returns - he busted a 99 yarder on Nevada.

Terps Insider: Travis Baltz Profile
Nice piece on one of the best punters in the game, Travis Baltz. I found this a little funny:

To calm his nerves, he takes a deep breath and he thinks about Gaba, or Florence Baltz as she was more commonly known. Gaba was Baltz's grandmother, and while she occasionally watched Baltz play, Baltz said he wasn't sure how much she really understood about the sport. However, that didn't mean Gaba was bereft of competitive juices.

"When we played cards with her, if you beat her in a hand, she might punch you," Baltz said of Gaba, who stood 5 feet 4. "It's kind of weird being scared of your grandma."

Proud to be Punter U.

FLS - Terps' Smith knows he can adjust on fly to split end
An article from Torrey Smith's (and mine) hometown paper, the Free Lance Star, on Mr. Smith himself. The tastiest nuggets:

"He's a great weapon," special teams coach Charles Bankins said. "We've talked about Torrey leading the country in all-purpose yardage. I told him if he does his part as a receiver, I'll take care of the rest."
"Coach Bankins wants six. He's not satisfied with big yards; he wants a touchdown every time," Smith said. "Each time I'm out on the field, I want to score."

CJ Leslie Stars at Nike Global
A note I missed from yesterday:

If there is a bouncier 4-man in the country than Leslie -- although 6-foot-9 Perry Jones (Duncanville, Texas) might have an argument -- I would be shocked. Leslie wasn't seen much during the summer circuit, but he put on an explosive, acrobatic show that was pretty much peerless. Whether it was attacking the rim in the half-court set or catapulting in transition, his effort was awe-inspiring. His skills are limited outside of five feet, but he has a pretty nifty spin move that is cat quick. He gets up twice before most get up once while trying to finish in the paint area, and he has terrific hands. He needs to improve his range on his jump shot at the elbow, but the upside is definitely there. Overall, Leslie has the potential to be a terrific player at the next level. If he can improve his skills, his ceiling is quite high because his effort at both ends is outstanding.

Of course, he just listed Maryland as a school recruiting him hardest (which often - though not always - correlates to the top school list).

More from Nike Global: Terrence Jones
Not quite done yet:

Terrence Jones (Portland, Ore./Jefferson) put together a nice performance displaying his versatile game. He needs to post up more often to utilize his imposing physique, but he can face up and get to the rim or hand out a nifty assist. However, his jump shot, more like a set shot, needs polishing due to a slow release.