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Gary Williams Visiting Tobias Harris in September

Tobias Harris will be entertaining a special guest in September.
Tobias Harris will be entertaining a special guest in September.

Note to anyone who thinks Gary and Maryland have "moved on" from Tobias Harris: I don't think so.

In what's probably the first time we've ever broken any news ever in the history of ever (get the point?), it looks like Gary will be making an in-home visit with the Harrises at Long Island in the middle part of next month. The source requested anonymity, but rest assured that it's solid.

Of course, in-home visits aren't the rarest of occasions, but it does indicate serious interest from both parties. If Gary doesn't feel like Harris is a viable option, he's not going to waste the money to get up to Long Island, especially after there were just major budget cuts in the basketball department. At least, that's what logic says. This also jives with what I've been hearing lately: that Maryland is a serious player for Harris.

There's one interesting wrinkle here: Tobias is supposed to cut his list at the end of August. The visit, on the other hand, is coming in September. That, of course, leaves one of two options: 1) Gary feels extremely confident of his chances to make Tobias' list (and, because he accepted the visit, Tobias does too), 2) Tobias will wait to cut his list, which seems like a possibility as well (Torrel Sr. called it "extremely tough"). I wouldn't be too confident in either direction, but it is something to think about.

Regardless, the news is positive. This, coupled with the revelation that Maryland is one of the five schools recruiting CJ Leslie the hardest, points to how far the basketball recruiting has come in a very short period of time. Throw in the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game - in which current Terp commit Terrence Ross will have a chance to get in all these guys' ears - and things are looking very good indeed.