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Maryland Minute 8.11.09 - More Football Practice Notes

Practice Notes from Dinich
There's a full blog post on Maryland here, so feel free to read it all, but here are the highlights:

"I looked at the young quarterbacks and they did pretty good for the first day," Friedgen said. "We put a lot of stuff in and they had the extra meeting today.


I was impressed with the quickness of [Caleb] Porzel, He is a quick little kid. We have to get him and D.J. Adams in on Saturday [for the scrimmage]. I want to see what they can do."

Sophomore Tony Logan, who handled the job in the Humanitarian Bowl, is listed No.1 on the depth chart. Anthony Wiseman and Kenny Tate are backups for new special teams coordinator Charles Bankins heading into the preseason, but Porzel and Travis Hawkins also fielded punts during individual drills.

Porzel will be a ridiculous punt returner eventually, but I'm not sure I want to burn his shirt.

True freshman Cody Blue, who enrolled in January and participated in spring drills, has moved from the defensive line to the offensive line. Blue was a backup at defensive end, but will slide in at tackle.

Probably necessary. Just not enough talent on the line.

Terps Kicking Competition - Tracking the Terps
Interesting note from Jeff Barker:

Mike Barbour and Nick Wallace have pulled ahead in the competition to replace departed kicker Obi Egekeze, according to coach Friedgen. True freshman Nick Ferrara has a strong leg but needs work, Fridge said. Apparently, Ferrara needs to speed his setup and get the ball off faster.

I hope this is just trying to mess with his head or playing to the media. If Ferrara can't be a reliable option, the kicking game may suffer.

Dave Neal Treks to Ireland
Looks like the Church League All-Star has found a home in Belfast, grabbing a gig with the Ireland SuperLeague and attending the University of Ulster to get a master's in sports management.

Tom Luginbill on Tyler Smith
ESPN continues their love affair with Smith. If they're right, we've got one heck of a player on our hands.

Ralph Friedgen got a steal here and a player that no one really hears about. He threw for 35 touchdowns last year and possesses a lightning-quick delivery. Smith, the top-rated signal-caller from the talent-rich state of Pennsylvania, could push for ESPNU 150 consideration.

Dinich: Maryland In the Eagle Bank Bowl

Bowl bound? Possibly.
Best case: The offensive line lives up to last year's expectations, Chris Turner is as steady as a metronome, and Don Brown's defense has ACC opponents' heads spinning for a nine-win season.
Worst case: The offensive line looks like Clemson's did last year, Turner throws four picks against Middle Tennessee at home, and Maryland's front seven allows Darren Evans another career day.
Prediction: Eagle Bank Bowl

The Story Behind Don Brown's Pinkie Finger
I had never noticed this before, but it's actually pretty interesting:

Back when first-year Maryland defensive coordinator Don Brown was a running back at Norwich University in the late 1970s, he broke his left pinkie during a practice. At the time, the team trainer yanked the pinkie back into proper alignment, taped it up and sent Brown back onto the field. Thirty years later, that left pinkie is sticking as straight out as it was the day he broke it. The finger is perpetually erect, an anatomical abnormality...

VTech's Darren Evans Out for the Year
And just like that, the VT game is slightly more winnable. Only slightly.