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Incoming Freshmen Rundown: Offense

In what's basically Who Are These Guys for football, here's a rundown of the incoming freshmen - just the basics, like size, position, strengths and weaknesses, and the likelihood they'll actually see playing time this year. This is for anyone that doesn't follow recruiting heavily and doesn't really know the new guys. Expect defense to be tomorrow.

D.J. Adams, RB

H/W: 5-10 / 210

HS: Norcross (Norcross, GA)

Vital Info: Adams is a highly regarded power back that will surprise you with his suddenness and acceleration. Much like Davin Meggett, he can take the full load and be a workhorse, but has the ability to break big runs. Also like Meggett, his lack of top-end speed will probably keep him from being a legitimate home-run threat, but it's not unrealistic to expect a decent amount of 20+ yarders.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 1%. Unless there are a bunch of injuries and he's amazingly impressive, he isn't seeing the field. That's not his fault - he's a great talent - but there's too much depth for him to see any PT.

Cody Blue, OT

H/W: 6-5 / 270

HS: Fork Union Military Academy (Fork Union, VA)

Vital Info: Blue is a defensive tackle by trait, but is also solid on the offensive line. Due to Maryland's lack of experience (and possibly skill) on the offensive line, the coaches decided he was needed more on the other side of the ball, and made the switch this fall. He's a hard-worker, has great size, and a mean streak, all good traits for an OL.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 5%. There's not a lot of depth on the line, so it's conceivable that he could see time. Doubtful, but conceivable.

C.J. Brown, QB

H/W: 6-3 / 185

HS: Seneca Valley (Cranberry Township, PA)

Vital Info: A strong-armed, athletic QB, Brown is the considered the better of the incoming freshman QB duo, but not by much. He hearkens back to Scott McBrien, with his accurate arm and quick feet, and has a pretty high ceiling, but needs refinement before being thrown out into the wild - he gets happy feet and scrambles or makes mistakes too much at the moment. The tools are all there, though.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 25%. It all depends on how Jamarr Robinson does. If he can't secure his spot, it's likely that one of Brown or Danny O'Brien will be the backup, meaning there's a decent chance they see the field.

Pete DeSouza, OL

H/W: 6-7 / 325

HS: DeMatha (Hyattsville, MD)

Vital Info: Blessed with great size and surprising mobility, DeSouza is a DT's nightmare. He specializes in the run game, plowing people over, but needs to work on pass blocking. With his size, I'd be surprised if he wasn't very good one day.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 20%. The position is one of need. If he does well in the fall, he could earn a job, but I wouldn't consider it a probability.

Bennett Fulper, OL

H/W: 6-4 / 285

HS: Gretna (Gretna, VA)

Vital Info: Fulper is one of the more versatile incoming freshman on the line. He's played both center and right tackle, and though his coach thinks he's best as a center, he could play either. Phil Costa is gone after this year, so he should challenge for that spot with Danny Edwards next year.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 5%. His versatility is a plus, but there are guys with more talent at the tackle spots, and he won't be challenging Edwards this year.

Nick Klemm, OL

H/W: 6-7 / 275

HS: Wheeler (Marietta, GA)

Vital Info: Klemm was originally committed to Boston College, but after the snafu there with Jeff Jagodzinski, he switched his commitment to Maryland. Renowned as a hard worker with great strength, Klemm has the work ethic and prototypical size to fight his way into the rotation in the coming years.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 5%. Similar to Fulper, he could eventually challenge for a spot, but isn't there yet.

Danny O'Brien, QB

H/W: 6-3 / 200

HS: East Forsyth (Kernersville, NC)

Vital Info: Like CJ Brown, O'Brien is the type of QB who is able to make plays with his feet - he's no Pat White, but he's solidly fast. Also like Brown, he's not quite a finished product yet. His arm isn't as good as Brown's, but its close, and he might be more game-ready right now.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 25%. Again like Brown, his future depends on what happens with Jamarr Robinson. If Robinson can prove he belongs, then O'Brien will be redshirted. If not, he'll be battling it out with Brown for the backup spot.

Caleb Porzel, RB

H/W: 5-9 / 185

HS: Good Counsel (Olney, MD)

Vital Info: Don't let his size fool you. Porzel is lightning quick and as shifty as they come. He was the Crab Bowl MVP, and with good reason. When he gets into the open field, he's very difficult to get to, let alone get to the ground. He and DJ Adams could be an amazing duo in the coming years. He's also a punt return specialist, which is only to be expected with his speed.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 15%. There's a ton of depth ahead of him at RB, but it's completely possible that he could see the field as a punt returner if Tony Logan doesn't work out.

Dave Stinebaugh, TE

H/W: 6-4 / 215

HS: Perry Hall (Baltimore, MD)

Vital Info: Stinebaugh is definitely a receiving tight end, and one who needs to add some weight. He has a WR's size right now, but with a much bigger frame. He can excel in the passing game, and probably will eventually, but first he needs to add weight and work on his blocking.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 1%. The coaches probably learned something after Matt Furstenburg's ill-advised redshirt burning: don't play 3 star true freshmen TEs. Furstenburg only played a few downs, and I doubt they'll make the same mistake with Stinebaugh.

Pete White, OG

H/W: 6-5 / 340

HS: St. John's (Washington, DC)

Vital Info: White is massive, in both a good and bad way. His size is not easy to find, especially with his skill set, and he carries decently. That said, he needs to slim down a bit to become truly elite. He has a great burst, powerful push and strength, and good quickness, but he just needs to lose a bit of weight. If he can, we might have a future All-ACC (or even All-American) on our hands.

Chance He Isn't Redshirted: 30%. If he can get in shape, he'll have a chance to see playing time, as neither RG nor LG are locked up right now. Lose a few pounds, and he'll be in contention. That said, unless he's very impressive, the coaches may want to save that year of eligibility for another time.