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Vote for Testudo Times' 2010 Basketball Recruiting Big Board

Could big man Terrence Jones be the #1 target for Maryland? (Image via ESPN)
Could big man Terrence Jones be the #1 target for Maryland? (Image via ESPN)

Basketball recruiting is in full swing. We just wrapped up about two weeks of AAU basketball, and everybody learned a lot during it. Particularly a lot about Terrence Jones, Tobias Harris, and Terrell Stoglin. As we're about to hit a quiet period in recruiting, we here at Testudo Times thought it would be a good time to break out the recruiting big board. Check out the compact version below, or the full version - featuring player rankings - here:


Okay, you're probably thinking, "Aren't big boards supposed to have rankings?" Well, you're generally correct, and that's where you come in. Right now, it's ordered by position. We're counting on you guys to come in, vote, and order these guys properly. Of course, the higher the rank on the big board, the bigger the priority they are. If you need help, here are the WARTG writeups (guards, big men), which features some of these guys, or search any of them on the site for more information. Of course, ESPN, Rivals, or Scout are all good sources of information, too. Oh, and remember - Google is your friend.

Keep in mind, Maryland already has a PG and SG on board in Terrell Stoglin and Terrence Ross - factor that into your votes.

The poll below might be the most important one: #1 on the board. We're only putting the most important targets on the poll - otherwise, there'd be too many options. If you have someone else you'd like to vote for, feel free to write-in with a comment. We'll expand the options the farther down we get. Besides, it's pretty safe to assume JD Weatherspoon isn't a bigger priority than Tobias Harris (who's my choice for #1).

Okay, so get voting! Polls close in 48 hours - you have two days to cast your votes. After that, we e-chisel the #1's prospect place in the big board, so choose wisely. It'd be great if you explain your vote in a comment or FanPost, too, but that's not a requirement.