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Maryland Minute 7.31.09 - Hey-Bey signs, Some Basketball Recruiting updates, Florida Atlantic in December

Not much going on right now, hence not many stories below. Things will be picking up shortly with the start of Terps camp. We'll have a schedule breakdown for the Terps coming shortly, so stay tuned for that.

Raiders sign Heyward-Bey; UM alum guaranteed $23.5M 

Can't remember if we linked to a story about this or not. Former Terp receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey signed a five-year contract with the Oakland Raiders on Thursday that will guarantee him at least $23.5 million. "It feels great to get it done," he said. Al Davis' love for speed basically netted Hey-Bey multiple millions of dollars.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup

Of course, Bracken's weekly roundup. It's a must-read, as always.

Florida Atlantic on Terps' schedule - D1SCOURSE

Looks like Maryland's adding Florida Atlantic to the schedule next year. There is a familiar face on the Owls - that would be former George Washington coach Mike Jarvis.

Chris Turner Can Throw 60 Yards

Not all that far, but interesting nonetheless. I vaguely remember Steve McNair throwing it 95 in a QB competition once, so take that for what it's worth.