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Maryland Minute 7.9.09 - King City Classic Edition


King City Classic Notes - Jones, Leslie, Roscoe
Tobias Harris is also in the rounddown, but it doesn't look like the Terps made the cut there. On Jones:

Terrence Jones continues to impress with his versatility. The big left hander scored, rebounded, passed and blocked shots at a high level throughout the day. He has a unique feel for the game and could be something special if he plays in a system that utilizes him as a facilitator and runs the offense through him.

On Leslie:

C.J. Leslie is also on the verge of breaking into the five-star ranks. He might be the best traffic rebounder and shot blocker of all the four men in the class. And on Wednesday he finished with more efficiency than in past settings. A great playmaker with the ball in his hands, Leslie would shoot up the rankings if he demonstrates improvement in his finishing at the basket and shooting in general.

On Roscoe:

Roscoe Smith swung from looking terrific to no so good throughout the day. Poor decision making and a lack of physical strength got him in trouble during the bad stretches, but when he played within his rhythm offensively, he was very good. Wired with a competitive nature, Smith is rough around the edges talent who could really blossom in the right situation in college.


Roscoe Smith said the recent scholarship offer from Duke is special because of the history and tradition of the program. He is also high on Florida, Maryland, Connecticut, Georgetown and LSU, who have all also offered.

Wow, Roscoe seems to really like Duke. I hate to say it, but I kind of want Duke to land Harrison Barnes, or at least for that recruitment to drag out long enough for Roscoe to cool on them.

ESPN KCC Notes - Roscoe, Leslie
More news from the LeBron James Skills Academy. Roscoe Smith:

Smith is a smooth jump shooter with 3-point range. He can also knock down one or two-dribble pull-ups. He has good length, and can shoot over smaller defenders with ease. He has a good looking stroke on spot-ups in transition, deep in the corners or in the open area on dribble penetration. His trigger is quick, and he has confidence in his jumper. Smith can get on a role [sic] and hit three or four in row. He uses a shot-fake to raise the defender off the ground and set up his pull-up. He has trouble finishing at the rim at times because of his lack of strength. He must work to improve his scoring moves off the bounce, especially going to his left. Overall, Smith has excellent shooting skills and good upside.

And CJ Leslie:

2010 PF CJ Leslie (Raleigh, N.C./Word of God Academy) plays with great energy and passion. He is a quick, super-athletic, live body, who loves to finish above the rim in transition. He runs the floor like a deer, and simply plays harder than his opponents most of the time. His skill needs immediate attention, but he scores in the lane with a jump hook over his left shoulder, and uses his quickness on the right block for a baseline spin move. Leslie dunks on any clear paths to the rim. He is an excellent shot-blocker on the ball or coming from the weak-side, and he hits the glass on both ends. He seems to get a tip-in basket in the book every game. If he can improve his skill and pair it with his athletic ability and high energy style of play, Leslie's game has vast potential. Leslie is intriguing, and one to watch as he continues to develop.

Terrence Jones Highlight from KCC
Not exactly scintillating, but TJones proved he can block shots at the King City Classic - this video shows one play where he makes three stuffs in a row. I'm not sure it was #3 play highlight material, but it did make me want him more.

GTown Decommit; Former Target Garland to VaTech
Former Georgetown commit Nate Lubick decommitted from the Hoyas today. Aside from having one of the most amazing quotes (something along the lines of "I thought Georgetown doesn't offer white guys"), he's a very solid traditional post player. It's strictly conjecture right now, but Maryland could be interested and throw him on their board. Tsafack, Graham, and Kirk are the only guys who are traditional post players that Maryland's recruiting, and maybe Lubick likes the area, since he committed to Georgetown. He's one to keep tabs on.

Meanwhile, former Maryland PG target Tyrone Garland just committed to Virginia Tech. Maryland really stopped their pursuit after Terrell Stoglin committed, and Garland still isn't very highly rated, IIRC.

Recruiting Report: Two Terps recruits headed to prep school
Two MD recruits, David Mackall and L.A. Goree will be heading to prep school next year as they failed to meet the NCAA qualifying standards. This isn't a gigantic deal - they'll remain Terp commits and simply reclassify as 2010 commits, which, the way 2010 is going, is kind of a good thing. They probably would've redshirted anyway, so we'll be good.

One oddsmaker actually likes Maryland football
At least some people like us...we're David Jones's sleeper pick.

The Terps are picked to finish in fifth place in the Atlantic division of the ACC in 2009 despite a solid 8-5 2008 campaign. Maryland has been comfortable in the sleeper role under head coach Ralph Friedgen. With the return of senior QB Chris Turner and 1000-yard back Da’Rel Scott, the Terrapins should be more consistent moving the football in 2009. The defense must replace seven starters but linebacker Alex Wujciak provides a solid foundation to build around. In a conference that lacks a dominant team, Maryland can’t be counted out. The Terps won’t have to face Virginia Tech and Florida State until November.

The final two sentences are key - the ACC is mediocre, no one outside of VaTech commands any respect, and we don't face the heavies till late in the season. Some big positives there.

ACC's 10 Most Powerful People - Debbie Yow at #6, Gary at #16
Somewhat obviously, John Swofford is the #1 and Coach K is #2, but after that it's a bit confusing. Roy Williams is #3, which I disagree with, and Dick Vitale is #10, which is a huge head scratcher. Debbie, despite some of her flaws, is actually quite powerful and influential in the ACC. I just wish she would've used that power to, y'know, let Gus Gilchrest play.

6. Debbie Yow, Maryland athletic director. There's a reason why Yow is among the most respected administrators in college athletics. Maryland's athletic department had plenty of issues before Yow's arrival in 1994 but since, the Terrapins have significantly improved competitively, in the classroom and financially.

Nolan Smith Likes Singing
At least Terrell Stoglin isn't the only ACC guard that likes doing musical things. Nolan Smith does, too.

Im going about my day singing la lal la la la.. So that's how I feel, so everybody sing along!

We can't really make fun of him after Stog's terrible rap, but maybe it softens the blow. At least Stog wasn't singing "la lal la la".