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Former Terp Soccer Standout Robbie Rogers in Gold Cup

Like soccer? Like Maryland? Then you should be watching Fox Soccer Channel right now, as not only is the US-Honduras Gold Cup match actually very entertaining for a soccer match (I don't like soccer that much, but it's held my attention so far), but former Terp star midfielder Robbie Rogers is on the starting XI for the US side. He's had a good game so far, playing surprisingly well and making a few nice runs.

Rogers, of course, isn't the only star product from the Maryland soccer program - Maurice Edu and Chris Seitz also have national team appearances at some level.

If you want to watch, FSC is channel 84 on Verizon FiOS, and is also available on Comcast and the like. If you don't get it, try, as they may be hosting a stream.

Was this completely worthy of a post? Not really. But there's nothing else going on. I was going to make it a fanshot, instead of a legit post, but I couldn't figure out a category that would work, so this is what we get.