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Who Are These Guys: Terps 2010 Guards/Wings Recruiting Update

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In a follow-up to probably our most popular pair of posts, we've expanded and redone the "Who Are These Guys - 2010 Prospects" in light of several new recruiting developments. BBroman is behind most of the research for these, so make sure you give him the credit he deserves. Below, you'll find vital info, rankings, and scouting reports on every major target for Maryland's 2010 class (no, we didn't watch everyone play, these are summarized from other reports, articles, videos, etc.). That's not to say these are the only guys on the board - they're not - but they are the biggies, at least right now. We'll be breaking these down into two posts, the first of which will be Maryland's 2010 Guards/Wings targets. You can check out the first one below and then the other will appear after the jump. Check back in tomorrow for the section on Maryland's Bigs targets for 2010. Enjoy!



Name: Justin Coleman

Height: 6-5

Weight: 210

High School: 2009 – Henrico (Richmond); 2010 - Undecided

AAU: Petersburg Elite

Position: SG/SF

Rankings: Rated 92 on ESPN; 4 stars on Scout, #19 SG; 3 stars on Rivals (4 stars expected)

Vital Info: Coleman popped on the radar out of nowhere at the Boo Williams AAU tournament this winter, and has rocketed up the rankings since. He missed most of his sophomore and junior years due to a transfer, but he has undeniable talent. He’s in some academic trouble, though, and may end up as a 2011 recruit.

Strengths: Scoring, putting points on the board. Complete offensive game. Can drive the lane, finish at the rim with a dunk or a tough layup.  Has better outside shot than you’d expect, too. Can hit threes and has a nice stroke. Good midrange game. Able to create his own shot off the dribble. Very athletic, as evidenced by his dunk contest victory at the NBPA Top 100 camp. Good size, strong. Can take over a game. Has all the tools to be a dominant defender, too.

Weaknesses: He makes some questionable decisions: shots in traffic, ignoring open players, etc. Can draw two or three defenders. Needs to recognize that there are open guys floating around in these situations. Makes up his mind to score and puts on blinders. MIght be a result of a sub-par AAU team where he feels he has to score (Petersburg Elite)  Whether he can adjust to playing with real talent is unknown. Needs to give more effort on defense, as well. 

Red Flags?: There’s a pretty good chance that if he reclassifies to 2011, a lot more schools will look at him.

Comparison: Notice anything about this report? Elite talent, knows how to score, crummy HS team, questionable decision making, concerns over qualifying? Yeah, I pretty much copy-pasted Lance Stephenson’s report here.

Odds: Depends if he stays 2010 or not. If he remains a 2010 recruit, pretty good. Maryland was the first team on him, and he’s not getting all the looks he would like. If he reclassifies, they go down significantly. If he reclassifies, there’s a better chance he’ll qualify and, with more time to evaluate him, there’s a good chance he’s a 5 star prospect, so suddenly UNC and Kansas are calling him.

Other Useful Links: ESPN, Scout, Rivals, TOC Highlight Reel


Name: Terrence Jones

Height: 6-9

Weight: 215

High School: Jefferson (Portland)

AAU: I-5 Elite

Position: PF/SF

Rankings: Rated 95 on ESPN, #4 SF; 4 stars on Scout, #11 PF; 5 stars on Rivals, #7 PF

Vital Info: The Terps were lightly tracking Jones until they landed his good friend Terrence Ross. Ross' commitment to Maryland has resulted in the Terps going harder after Jones, an elite combo forward based in Ross’ former hometown of Portland.

Strengths: Jones was formally a 6-3 PG…until he hit a 5 inch growth spurt. He's now a hybrid 3/4, but with all of his PG skills. Smart on the floor, good passer, great ballhandler, and good shooter. All of that with his height and above-average athleticism makes Jones a bear to guard. Shot’s form isn’t great, but it works for him. Can create his own shot or pick and pop easily. As a former PG, court vision is great and knows to pass out when he draws a second defender. Has the tools to be an elite defender, but must adjust to guarding 3s and 4s.

Weaknesses: Big-time tweener. Overall lack of post moves. Still getting used to being a big man. While he can get his shot to fall, his form could use some work. He’s a good athlete, but not at a CJ Leslie level – he’s in-between Roscoe Smith and Tobias Harris in this department. Definitely more of an oversized wing, rather than a legit big man.

Red Flags: None that we can find

Comparison: Pretty much every other PF Maryland is recruiting. Yep, that’s a good description. More specifically, a lot of people compare him to Lamar Odom. He’s also been called the West Coast version of CJ Fair.

Odds: Tough to read. His friendship with Terrence Ross is a huge plus – they purportedly used to dream of playing college ball together. He supposedly wants to play on the East Coast and has a sister at Howard, so I don’t think he’d have a problem crossing the country. The staff has been on him pretty hard since Ross committed. However, the Terps were one of the last, if not the last, school to fully commit to recruiting him. There could be some ground to make up, and against elite programs.

Other Useful Links: ESPN, Scout, Rivals


Name: Victor Oladipo

Height: 6-4

Weight: 180

HS: DeMatha (Hyattsville)

AAU: Team Takeover

Position: SG

Rankings: Rated 86 on ESPN, #77 SG; NR on Scout; 4 stars on Rivals, #20 SG

Vital Info: Oladipo was one of the Terps’ first major targets for 2010. Regarded as a kid who has his head on right.

Strengths: Plays with a passion and hustles. Hard worker. Surprisingly good athlete – he can get up for some wicked dunks. Always moving, always looking for an opening. Can knock down the three with some consistency. Unselfish. Above-average passer.

Weaknesses:  A jack of all trades and a master of none. Oladipo is a do-everything type of guy –  a good athlete, can dunk (and does), can hit the three, can knock down the midrange jumper, can create his own shot, plays solid defense, and passes well…but he doesn’t do any of these things well enough to turn heads. Not an elite athlete, his three isn’t money, his midrange jumper misses at times, so on and so forth. Doesn’t have one trait that sticks out outside of his effort. As such, he’s a solid player, but one with a relatively low ceiling and will probably never be a superstar. Also pretty slight and needs to put on weight.

Red Flags: None. Oladipo has a good attitude and won't make waves.

Comparison: In a way, he’s a lot like a less talented Rip Hamilton. In ACC terms, he’s pretty much a shorter Danny Green – a great glue guy, maybe not starter caliber on a Final Four caliber team, but damn good.

Odds: Doubt it. The Terps seem to have bigger fish to fry at this point, and Oladipo would definitely have to play SG, which is already taken by Ross. I don’t see him ending up a Terp. If he commits, he’d have to understand he’s behind Ross, and at that point who knows if Maryland would even still take him.

Other Useful Links: ESPN, Scout, Rivals


Name: Mychal Parker

Height: 6-6

Weight: 190

High School: 2009 – The Miller School (Charlottesville); 2010 – Unknown

AAU: Richmond Squires

Position: SG/SF

Rankings: Rated 95 on ESPN, #6 SG; 4 stars on Scout, #5 SF; 4 stars on Rivals, #6 SF

Vital Info: Has been a Maryland target for awhile, and really likes the Terps. He and Ross seem to have a good rapport and like each other. Shot up the rankings of all three services this spring, but has been in the middle of major slump since then.

Strengths: Prototypical slasher. Has great size, and a big frame to add weight. His quickness is deceptively good, and has no problems getting by defenders off the dribble. Can handle the ball very well and knows how to create shots for himself. Has decent range, and hits the occasional three. His strength, though, is getting to and finishing at the basket. Has great hops and dunks everything he can. Great rebounder. If you couldn’t tell by the hops and dunks, he’s got athleticism to spare.

Weaknesses: Shot doesn’t fall with any consistency. A reliable jumper would make him almost impossible to guard when he’s on. Consistency in all facets everywhere is of his game are a bit of an issue, as is lack of focus. Has some issues defensively – whether this is focus again or if its technique is debatable, but he has the tools to be a better defender than he is. A bit of a 2/3 tweener who considers himself a 2, a spot already locked down by Terrence Ross. After seeing a jump in the rankings early this spring, he’s really struggled – again, it could be focus, or it could be a slump. Either way, he hasn’t been performing recently as well as he has in the past.

Red Flags: Outside of possible focus issues, none.

Comparison: I see some Manu Ginobili in him – after all, I called him the prototypical slasher. A bit more accurate might be Corey Maggette, right down to the inconsistency – good slasher, big body, athletic, somewhat inconsistent and iffy focus: all are characteristics both have.

Odds: Well, the other week during the elite camp he called Maryland his leader, which is obviously a positive. Right now, Maryland is the team to beat. However, there are a multitude of factors that could keep Parker out of Maryland – if he continues his current slump, the staff could back off him a bit, especially as guys like Justin Coleman rise up the ranks. Someone else could take his spot, as well – he wants to play the two, he says, which is already off limits, and if Maryland lands Roscoe Smith, Terrence Jones, etc. before Parker pulls the trigger, he could find himself without a place.

Other Useful Links: ESPN, Scout, Rivals


Name: Roscoe Smith

Height: 6-8

Weight: 190

High School: 2009 – Walbrook; 2010 – Oak Hill Academy

AAU: Team Melo (Disclaimer: Roscoe doesn’t play much AAU)

Position: SF

Rankings: Rated 95 on ESPN, #6 SF; 5 stars on Scout, #3 SF; 5 stars on Rivals, #4 SF

Vital Info: Roscoe’s a homegrown prospect – born and raised in Baltimore, he’s been on the Terps’ radar for a very long time. His family supposedly wants him to stay close to home, but he's a bit enthralled with UNC/Duke.

Strengths: Roscoe’s a great shooter. Combination of length and hops let him easily shoot over smaller defenders, and his stroke is smooooooth. When he gets hot, he can really light up a scoreboard. Not quite as good at slashing and finishing around the rim, but that’s still a legitimate option. Can make some highlight reel finishes when given the opportunity. Very long and athletic, and has a long wingspan. Has all the tools to be a great rebounder and defender. Very good shot-blocker. Quickness makes him perfect for an up-tempo style. Lots of potential.

Weaknesses: Needs to put on weight and get stronger. Also needs some work on ballhandling and passing – they aren’t really weaknesses at this point, but they could use some work. Doesn’t give as much effort on rebounding, on either end of the floor, as he should. Forces shots occasionally. When his shot’s not falling, he can have some trouble scoring. He can get into "scoring mode" and overdribble or ignore open teammates.

Red Flags: He's from the area, and the Terps have had trouble defending their home turf for high talent guys (in basketball AND foodball). Reportedly wants to wait for a long time to commit.

Comparison: Has some similarities to Chase Budinger – mainly the length, lack of strength, jump shot, and athleticism.

Odds: Improving. As time passes, he'll get cooler on UNC. He’s on campus a lot, and the staff has recruited him very hard. Duke is a leader for Harrison Barnes, and if Roscoe won't go where he does.

Other Useful Links: ESPN, Scout, Rivals, Highlight Reel


Name: JD Weatherspoon

Height: 6-6

Weight: 200

HS: Northland (Columbus, OH)

AAU: All-Ohio Red

Position: SF/PF

Rankings: Rated 92 on ESPN, #24 SF; 3 stars on Scout; 3 stars on Rivals, #28 PF

Vital Info: Weatherspoon originally committed to Xavier, but decommitted after Sean Miller left. That's when Maryland called him up, spurred on by good friend and Terp commit Terrell Stoglin.

Strengths: Crazy athletic. Will account for a highlight reel dunk every other game. More than just a dunker: has a developing outside game, as he can hit the jumper out to about 18 feet. Surprisingly comfortable on the block. Plays bigger than he really is. Prides himself on his defense. Great rebounder and shot-blocker due to his ridiculous hops. Hustles and does the dirty work.

Weaknesses: Definitely a tweener. Even slightly undersized for a 3, he’s more a 4 than a 3 at this point. Has some trouble guarding on the perimeter, though he can do it if needed. More comfortable on the block than on the wing. This being the case, he needs to add a lot of weight and/or get taller. He doesn’t really have a 3 point shot, and though his midrange game is getting better, it’s still not where it should be for a 3. If he stays a 4, he’ll get punished inside by bigger, stronger players.

Red Flags: None

Comparison: Weatherspoon is tough to find a comparison for, because most undersized 4s are big in terms of weight. Weatherspoon isn’t even that – a much thinner Joey Graham or Trevor Booker would work.

Odds: Iffy right now. Much like Oladipo, the Terps have some bigger targets out there, especially at the ubiquitous combo forward position.  However, he wants to visit, and Terrell Stoglin is a good friend.

Other Useful Links: ESPN, Scout, Rivals