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Maryland Minute 7.5.09 - Football Recruiting Notes


Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend. I know all the sportswriters in the world did, because there are almost no links today.

BTW, the 2010 roundup should be up in a matter of hours.

Nice article on Terp target Josh Lovell
Lovell is a decent TE prospect who I believe called the Terps his leader awhile back. We're still leading, but here's something I didn't know about Lovell: he's apparently anorexic.

How else can you explain what drove a 10-year-old kid to ask his mom to wrap his body in 24-inch plastic wrap three or four days a week before he ran in sweltering summer heat to cut weight? Lovell did it so he could play Midget League youth football with his friends instead of having to jump up a league to play with kids his own size. By the time he was in seventh grade, he was wearing trash bags under his football pads in practice, and often ate nothing more than an apple for dinner while drinking copious amounts of water to stay in shape.

Ok, maybe not anorexic - he is 270 pounds - but maybe just really determined?

Terps offer Aliquippa QB
This one surprised me a bit. I had kind of assumed Maryland was done with QBs for 2010 - guess I was wrong. Unfortunately, he seems to be another "under the radar" type of guy.

JD Weatherspoon talks Terps
I really do like Weatherspoon, and although you'd have to want a guy like CJ Leslie more, Weatherspoon is actually a pretty good option. I don't think I'd want him to be the only recruit out of the remaining big targets (Roscoe, Leslie, Harris, Jones, etc.), but I would like him on board, especially because I doubt we get two out of the biggies. Here's what he has to say about his relationship with Terrell Stoglin:

"He's a cool dude. He says he'll be happy wherever I go to school, but he really wants to play with me and I really want to play with him," said Weatherspoon, a 6-6, 200-pound wing who has offers from Maryland, Ohio State and Xavier along with recent interest from West Virginia, Miami and Florida.

Gonna buy NCAA Football 10?
You should. Maybe if we get 10 or 12 people to buy it we can get an online dynasty going. Well, if you do purchase it, make sure to print out your own custom cover, cause who likes Brian Johnson and Michael Crabtree anyway? This site has covers with DHB, Chris Turner, and Da'Rel Scott. I'll see if I can throw some up with guys like Meggett and Torrey Smith, but these are pretty freaking sweet. (FWIW, I'll post this again when it gets closer to game drop date).

Yet another site (albeit a shady one) predicting a below-average record
This time, it's some random odds site, saying Maryland football will be either 5-6 or 6-5. Ugh.

Maryland is a well-coached team with a nice offense in place, but their are too inexperienced to compete with the big dogs of the ACC. Look for Maryland to finish somewhere in the 5-6 to 6-5 range in 09’.