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Deuce Bello is Basically the Dunking Version of Cezar Guerrero

I would like to introduce you to Deuce Bello. He dunks a lot.
I would like to introduce you to Deuce Bello. He dunks a lot.

I'm sure you remember lovable Cezar Guerrero, the ballhandling maestro. If you got excited about him, Maryland is also recruiting his high-flying counterpart, Deuce Bello.

Not only are both flashy, both have cool names - not only is "Deuce" just a naturally cool nickname, his real name is "Quddus", so...well, I don't even know how to pronounce that. But it looks pretty cool.

Anyway, back on topic: Bello is, like Guerrero, a top 2011 prospect, only this time from North Carolina instead of LA. Maryland is generally mentioned in connection with Bello, though I must admit I have no idea how far in the Terps are with him. I would disregard the Rivals, Scout, and ESPN lists (even though ESPN has him listing the Terps) - they are becoming more inaccurate by the day. I would be fairly surprise, however, if Maryland hasn't had a decent amount of contact with him yet.

But I digress. You didn't read this to read about Maryland's chances. You wanted highlights, I'm assuming. Bello doesn't disappoint. Below, there's the video of Bello windmilling, 360-ing, oop-ing, and just generally dunking his way over the woebegone Dakota Schoolers in Vegas - let's be real, though, they're from Dakota. They didn't really ever stand a chance.

Impressive, no? If you weren't blown away - you probably shouldn't have been, it wasn't that impressive - I'd like to enlighten to the fact that Bello is 6'3". Yes, he is shorter than Eric Hayes, and only slightly taller than Adrian Bowie.

Oh, and there's this one, too. There's a full 2 minutes of video there, but I'm starting it at 1:29. Why? Well, to spare you the boring no look passes and reverse slams and such, and get to the best three dunks in the entire video. And I would like to remind you, he's 6'3".

Just in case you're a freakish hybrid of Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins and that wasn't enough for you, there are a few more. First, there's the one of Bello - all 6-3 of him, I remind you - clearing a 6-5 guy at a pep rally of sorts- yes, clearing. And there's this one, where basically every play of a nearly 2 minute long video is a dunk. Or this one, where he jumps over a defender in a game. Or this one, where he's part of the vaunted double alley-oop.

If you didn't get it, he can dunk. And I really, really like him. A Bello/Guerrero 2011 recruiting class might not lead to the best results on the court, but it definitely would be exciting, and we'd be on SportsCenter every game.