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Maryland Roster, Depth Chart Updated

Okay, it's time to get excited: football season is officially bearing down on us. Need proof? Well, the roster and depth chart on Maryland's official site have been updated, revealing a few lineup changes, and - importantly - freshman numbers (okay, maybe only important to me).

The most interesting things about the depth chart:

  • Paul Pinegar is surprisingly ahead of RJ Dill and Tyler Bowen at RT.
  • Tony Logan is still on top of the Z-WR spot.
  • Meanwhile, LaQuan Williams, Emani Lee-Odai, and Kevin Dorsey all find themselves as third-string wide receivers. That trio could start for probably 60% of ACC schools.
  • No Dion Armstrong. Uh oh. That spells trouble.
  • Trenton Hughes and Cam Chism look to be fighting it out for the nickel CB spot.
  • Nick Ferrara is 3rd on the PK depth chart. Expect that to change.
  • Tony Logan still starting at punt return.

This will surely undergo a lot of changes between now and the start of the season, but it's a good starting place. Check out the freshman numbers below the jump:

RB DJ Adams - #31
DL Justin Anderson - #50
DE De'Onte Arnett - #91
DL Cody Blue - #97
QB CJ Brown - #16
OL Josh Cary - #58
OL Pete DeSouza - #70
LB Ryan Donahue - #51
LB Darin Drakeford - #52
PK Nick Ferrara - #43
DB Eric Franklin - #48
OL Bennett Fulper - #63
DB Avery Graham - #37
DB Travis Hawkins - #19
LB Bradley Johnson - #58
DL Zach Kerr - #98
OL Nick Klemm - #61
DB Dexter McDougle - #39
LB Avery Murray - #46
QB Danny O'Brien - #18
RB Caleb Porzel - #40
LS Mike Raccioppi - #66
LB Isaiah Ross - #88
TE Dave Stinebaugh - #86
OL Pete White - #67
LB Marcus Whitfield - #41

The Isaiah Ross number might be favorite - it'll be pretty cool to see a LB out there wearing 88. I was hoping CJ Brown would go for 12, but that's Kenny Tate's new number. I was pretty disappointed with Porzel's number - Davin Meggett notwithstanding, I've never been a fan of the 40s, especially for quicker guys. I was hoping he'd go with #6, but he may change it next year once the seniors leave.

Anyway, there you have it.