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Maryland Minute 7.3.09 - Gary's Fistpump Explained, Roscoe Smith Likes Duke?


Gary Explains His Fistpump
Steinberg has been coming up huge with the Maryland news lately. I love it.

Then he got to Maryland, and the vibe required something stronger. Len Bias had died. Sanctions were coming, and soon the Terps couldn't appear on television or play in the NCAA tournament. Williams wanted a way to say thanks to the 7,369 fans who still showed up for his first game, an 87-53 win over Delaware State at Cole Field House.

"Walking into Cole and seeing a pretty good crowd even though we had those restrictions meant a lot to me," Williams said. The fist pump "was just to show them. So once you start something like, that it would be difficult to stop."

Roscoe Smith interested in Duke?
It's from a Duke writer and only a teaser, but it's probably legit anyway.

Baltimore (Md.) five-star forward Roscoe Smith began hearing from Duke last summer and since that time the Blue Devils' interest has increased incrementally. As of late, Smith has seen himself go from a player being evaluated by Duke to a heavily pursued prospect. Now, the 6-foot-8, 200 pound wing is returning the interest by placing the Devils high on his list.

Duke scares me. Until recently, I don't remember them as a major player in Roscoe's recruitment. They don't scare me as much as UNC did, but if this is legit, they came on really quickly, which usually isn't a good sign.

Check out the rest of the MM below the jump.

Terrell Stoglin Playing Against NBAers in the TSPL
The Arizona Star has a good article on future Terp Terrell Stoglin, who's been going up against the likes of Jordan Hill and Hassan Adams in the Tuscon Summer League. For some reason, the commenters think that he's cocky and has too much of an attitude, simply for saying playing against an overrated PF and a journeyman wing "wasn't anything special".

More on Gary and Tiger from Steinberg
The Bog has been churning out the content on Gary, though that has quite a bit to do with the fact that he's hanging out at the AT&T Congressional with Tiger. In case you haven't been filled up with Gary & Tiger stuff, here's yet another story.

TSR Catches Up With Andrew Crummey
TSR hasn't exactly been pumping out the content recently, but this is linkable - Mike Rubin talks with former Terp Andrew Crummey about life in the NFL....and that's about it.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Matt Bracken's reliable recruiting roundup, the Friday & Monday MM staple.