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Terps Land Second Four Star Commit, Nathaniel Clarke

For all the panic of the past few weeks with the "recruiting crisis", it has pulled itself together extremely quickly. Maryland landed four-star offensive guard Nathaniel Clarke today, joining Titus Till as the second 2010 four star Terp. No article that's linkable, but he's now on Maryland's commit list on Rivals.

Clarke is 6'4", 284 from Archbishop Carroll in DC. He's yet to be ranked by Scout or ESPN, but Rivals - generally the most accurate for football - has his as a four star. His rank of 5.9 - which I've never understood - puts him as the highest ranked commit yet. He's also the teammate of three star DE Jeremiah Attachou, who the Terps are recruiting. The closest I could come to a scouting report was this Rivals video, which showcased Clarke at the very end of the video (he's the kid in white and green seemingly getting killed by every defensive lineman they talk about before - don't worry, he actually did a good job):

Nate Clark really made this event in many different ways. The offensive line was so absolutely overmatched against a great group of defensive lineman that when Nate Clark switched from the defensive side, where he was doing well, over to offense at basically our request to try to handle some guys like JR Ferguson, Sharrif Floyd, TJ Clemmings...he did an outstanding job. I think his future is at offensive line, I think he's a guard, I think he's got great feet. Maryland's offered him at offensive lineman. He likes to play defense, he prefers that, but based on his toughness, his stamina, and his work ethic, too - he was getting pretty angry at some of the trash-talking going on by the defensive linemen, and it inspired him and made him better and better; I think he's a guy that has that physical nature to be a very good offensive guard at the next level.

That's from Mike Farrell, and I apologize for the questionable grammar - it was a spoken interview and he had some unfinished thoughts in there. Anyway, sounds great to me. This was a huge pickup.