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ACC Preseason Media Poll: Maryland Isn't Last

Nope, we aren't last place bad! (Via Dinich)


  1. Florida State (56)
  2. Clemson (14)
  3. NC State (10)
  4. Wake Forest (7)
  5. Maryland
  6. Boston College


  1. Virginia Tech (78)
  2. Georgia Tech (9)
  3. North Carolina
  4. Miami
  5. Virginia
  6. Duke

Not great, but it could be a lot worse. We could be Duke.

I'm pretty confident Maryland is better than Virginia and the Dookies, so this means the Terps would be ninth overall, which would be pushing it for a bowl bid. Luckily for us, the ACC just inked a deal with the GMAC bowl, so they could choose Maryland if they're eligible.

There's a lot of parity in the ACC, as always - 2 through 5 in the Atlantic could be flipped in basically any order without issue, and some people would even include Boston College in that group. Of course, this means preseason polls are, as always, pretty much worthless. Still, after the amount of media hate Maryland had been getting, this is good to see.