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Maryland Minute 7.23.09 - Stoglin at S64, Rivals Re-Rank, and Previews

Stog heating up at S64? Just the first of so, so many updates. via <a href=""></a>
Stog heating up at S64? Just the first of so, so many updates. via

Stoglin Doing Well at Super 64
It's not much, but it appears Terrell Stoglin is doing well at the Adidas Super 64 tourney in Vegas. Via MaxPreps' Twitter:

Terrell Stoglin from Pump N Run heating up.He's Headed to Maryland

Apparently he was matched up against five star point guard Myck Kabongo of Grassroots Canada, but PnR was down 12 early. After the "heating up" session, they came back and tied in the final minutes (they would lose, unfortunately). Gary was watching the game, which is kind of cool. This is today's only update from Vegas, but it's safe to assume there will be a massive amount tomorrow.

More on the Rivals re-rank
Remember that Titus Till four star bump? He wasn't the only one. The entire Rivals 250 was updated, and it was very favorable for Maryland.

Rounding out the wide receiver additions is Forestville (Md.) Bishop McNamara's Brandon Coleman who checks in at No. 226.


There were numerous additions at defensive back and athlete, as well. Upper Marlboro (Md.) Wise safety Titus Till moved into the 250 at No. 129 after an outstanding performance at the Virginia Nike Camp. He has committed to Maryland.

Till is an obvious plus, but Coleman is a big Maryland target too. He'd be a great haul, especially when you throw in Cheeseboro. WR is turning into a continuous position of strength, slowly but surely.

Really Early Hoops Preview
JP Giglio of the News-Observer down in Carolina has his early hoops preview up (we're one to talk, right?) and it's pretty much what we thought.

The Terps should improve from last year's mark which brings them to the nine or 10-win range, and who knows, with another shocker over UNC (they only meet in College Park this year), maybe all the way to the top.

Maryland positional preview: Linebackers - D1SCOURSE
Generally, a positive outlook. It's pretty right on - this should be a major strength of the team.

MD Target Josh Aleaze Transfers to Dunbar
Don't worry, it's not that Aleaze, although he is related (he and Melvin are cousins). I remember hearing he really liked us despite the issue with this cousin - right now, he doesn't have any big-time offers, but he's better than Jeremiah Johnson or Matt Robinson.

Anyway, he'll be attending Dunbar next year. You may remember that as the school of Tavon Austin and Arrelious Benn, neither of which Maryland landed.

Selby's decommitment is the talk of Vegas - UK leads
There's a shocker. Just not surprised Calipari is in the thick of this one. Not saying I'm glad we passed on him completely, but he supposedly has a screw loose.

LeBron James Dunk Video Released
Verdict: Nice, not worthy of the hype, but it's still "ooooooooohhhhhhhh" worthy. Yes, this is somehow Maryland-related. I just don't know how exactly.