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Maryland Minute 7.21.09 - Cheeseboro, Previews, and Basketball Recruiting Notes


I have had "He Doesn't Know Why" by Fleet Foxes in my head for days. Someone, please help me.

Recruiting Report: Tyrek Cheeseboro talks Terps pledge
His coach said the new Terp commit has 4.3 speed, which is contrary to the 4.45 or 4.5 listed everywhere else. If he's really 4.4 or even 4.35, that's a huge upgrade.

In other news, he was recruited to be a slot receiver. I assumed he would've been a flanker, for whatever reason (I have no method). Does this mean the Antonio Belt recruitment is over? (Please no).

ESPN Maryland High School Football Preview - ESPNRise
Sheldon Shealer and Mike Loveday over at ESPNRise have their Maryland football preview up, and it's good reading. The preseason top 25 list is yet to be unveiled, but all the counties are up.

Maryland positional preview: Secondary - D1SCOURSE
Pat Stevens continues his breakdown of Maryland football - going in reverse - with the secondary. He's a bit more negative on the secondary than I am, which is saying a lot, because he called it a major strength. I'm in love with the potential of this group, though.

Five prospects to watch at this week’s Vegas tournaments: James Johnson at #5
There are three tournaments in Las Vegas this week (three!), and just about every single Terp target will be at one of them. One of them, James Johnson, made Mike DeCourcy's watchlist:

5. James Johnson, 6-9 forward, California Supreme. This San Diego product happens to have reddish hair -- no, not a chance we're going down that path, even though on video he'll throw the occasional Waltonish outlet pass.

He has a wide range of schools interested, literally from coast to coast.

Johnson appears to be very skilled, with a polished face-up jumpshot and the ability to handle the basketball well. He did not play high school basketball as a junior because of transfer rules, which makes his play on the summer circuit more important than it is for most recruits.

Johnson is a five star on Scout. Pretty sure his AAU performance isn't that big of an issue.

Alex Kirk Profile
Here's a good read on Terp target Alex Kirk. I've never been in love with Kirk's game, but outside of James Johnson, he's the best big on the board. I found this interesting:

In fact, the list of top recruits Kirk calls friends is quite extensive. ... [He keeps contact with] Terrence Jones of Portland, Ore., another highly rated power forward who is still undecided about his school.

Hmm...boy, a Kirk/Jones tandem would be ridiculous.

Examiner: Possible Maryland Rivals List
First, Virginia is Maryland's main rival. That's set in stone for me. I do think it'd be great if we got a rivalry going with Penn State or West Virginia, as this guy suggests, but Virginia is 1A. That said, they see VT as their true rivals, so it's tough to really go the other way. Who does Maryland have? No one, really.

On this topic, I've never really understood it. Why does Maryland have no true rival? Hell, we're unlikeable enough. Most people think we're downright despicable. Athletics are good enough. We have enough people that we don't like. We should have a legitimate rival, goshdarnit.

(Another) Player Kicked off Penn State
Yes, another PSU player has been kicked off the football team. These guys should be our rivals. They're certainly thuggish enough to match our thuggishness.

Where's that list of every Nittney Lion with a criminal charge since 2002? We have another one to add to the 61.