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Maryland Minute 7.19.09 - More on the Tyrek Cheeseboro Commitment


Recruiting Report: Cheeseboro Profile
More on latest MD commit Tyrek Cheeseboro:

"We knew when he was a ninth grader [that he had DI potential]," White said. "He was just so fast. [We thought], ‘this guy’s got a chance.’ ... He gets to full speed very, very fast. ... We’ve had some good skill players in the last couple years, but this guy, we kind of knew. His personality is just so good. He’s just a good kid. A lot of coaches see it in him and gravitate towards him."

Tyrek Cheeseboro 100m Dash Times
Cheeseboro also runs track - his PR (personal record, for all you non-runners out there) is 11.22 in the 100 meter dash. 100 meters is about 110 yards, so that 11.22 would be good for a 4.08 40, indicating he has a higher top end speed than his 40 yard dash shows (4.5). My math is probably waaaay screwed up (it's late and I haven't had a Red Bull in days!) so correct me it if I'm wrong. [Note by bbroman, 07/20/09 8:48 AM EDT  - Yes, I know it is neither scientific nor accurate - Cheeseboro's 40 time is not 4.08, but 4.5, as I said above. However, take his 40 time and compare it to a guy like Richard Aieyogoro, who runs a 4.44, then compare their track times - Cheeseboro is faster than Aieyogoro in the 100, so he has a higher top-end speed. Went about it a little half-assed and didn't want to find the examples.]

Athlon Sports Terps Football Preview
Nothing we don't know, of course, but Athlon has posted their Maryland team preview (the same one they use in the magazine, dontchaknow).

NPJ Recap: Justin Anderson
They're still coming...

Justin Anderson, 6-6, Boo Williams, 2012: Anderson, who plays out of Montrose Christian, told NBE he is already being recruited by Texas, North Carolina, Duke, Oklahoma, Georgetown and Villanova. Early on, he considers Texas, UNC and OU as the leaders.

I still think we'll get in at some point, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

NBA Summer League Wrapup
Where Are They Now has a nice wrapup of the Terps in the NBA summer league - you may remember Ekene Ibekwe had that scary injury in the final seconds of a one point win. He seems to be okay now, thankfully; in other news, looks like Gist is actually going to be in the lig this year.

Sonny Vaccaro Honored in Vegas
Yeah, this is real - Sonny Vaccaro is being honored by the Grassroots Basketball of America (pretty much AAU, I'm guessing) Hall of Fame. Only the AAU could honor Vaccaro - he's the man responsible for Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Tyler's decision to head overseas, and was an "adviser" to the Stephenson's for Lance's recruitment. I'm sure he's done some good, but he's really messed up some people's futures.

Chris Wilcox to Detroit
It's a shame to see Wilcox's NBA career still mired in mediocrity - he has an amazing amount of talent - but he's a Terp, so the news is still relevant. He got $6 mil and two years, which isn't bad. Hopefully he can find some PT behind Charlie Villaneuva.