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Terps Land Tyrek Cheeseboro

Finally, the Terps hear some good football recruiting news. Tyrek Cheeseboro, a WR from Milford Mill Academy in Baltimore, committed to Maryland today, blessing the Terps with their second big in-state commit. Via Digital Sports:

I'm doing it big for the home state, University of Maryland. Gotta do it big, gotta represent for the home state, win the national championship; I'm ready.

Bout time Maryland gets a big-time recruit. Cheeseboro is a big commit, only the second highly regarded recruit from Maryland (Matt Robinson and Jeremiah Johnson are good players, but not very highly regarded). This could be the momentum boost needed to really kick the class off.  He's got decent size and great speed, and his film is pretty impressive. He seems to be able to win jump balls, evade tacklers, and actually doesn't go down easily. Also, he deserves to be in the Name Hall of Fame. For more on Cheeseboro, check out the ESPNRise profile.

Rankings-wise, he's yet to get the props he deserves. He's three stars on Scout, but unranked on Rivals and ESPN, which tend to be more accurate in football. From what I've heard, he should be a low four star, but is for, whatever reason, not there yet. If you want to see for yourself, he has highlights on Digital Sports and YouTube.