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Tobias Harris: Before and After

A few days ago, some unnamed assistant coach said that Tobias Harris could make a living doing before and after ads for body sculpting products. If you're looking to see what exactly that'd look like, here's a sample. (Remember, Harris lost 15 pounds of "baby fat" due to a strict workout regimen).






The videos are the most telling evidence as to the work Tobias has done, but the pictures are evident too - just look at his face, and you'll see the difference. Harris is now fit and slender, and his game shows it. His weight issues are officially waning, and that had been holding him back lately. It's not a coincidence that as soon as this happened he blew up at Peach Jam.

 Now, do Gary & Co. have a shot? Well, kinda. Tobias does appear to want to be recruited, which isn't somewhere Gary excels, and I expect Ehsan (the foot soldier) to be caught up with Terrence Jones, due to the West Coast aspect. That said, Gary watched a lot of Harris at the NPJ, and Tobias visited Maryland last year, which is more than we can say for Jones or CJ Leslie. The game he saw? That would be the UNC upset. The Harrises talk about "loyalty" (if schools show loyalty, he will show loyalty to them), which could be a good sign - Maryland offered him relatively early, and were recruiting him very hard early on - some link somewhere said Maryland and Syracuse were recruiting him the hardest.

I'm not saying we're in a great position, but I also wouldn't say we're out of it altogether. He's announcing his final five sometime soon (I've heard both August and end of July), so we'll know then. In the meantime, might as well finish the recruitment out.