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Maryland Minute 7.16.09 - Will Jerome Burney Ever Suit Up for Maryland Again?


Pat Stevens: Jerome Burney's Unbroken Resolve
Jerome Burney's resolve may be unbroken - indeed, it seems like he'll become quite successful in whatever he does - but his feet? Well, they break often. The oft-injured big man will decide whether or not he'll play next year by the end of the month. If he decides not (which seems likely) Maryland will have another open scholarship for 2010, if they decide to use it.

Burney injury chronology
Yep, Burney has injured his legs/feet four times since he's been on three years. I really do like him, but I don't think he'll be back.

Maryland/UNC Greensboro set for Jan. 3
That's pretty much it for the biggies for the men's basketball schedule (I really debated calling UNCG a biggie, but went ahead anyway). It looks something like this:

Nov. 23-25: Maui Invitational (w/Arizona, Chaminade, Cincinnati, Colorado, Gonzaga, Vanderbilt and Wisconsin)
Dec. 1: at Indiana, 7:30
Dec. 6: vs. Villanova at Verizon Center (BB&T Classic)
Jan. 3: at UNC Greensboro, 2

MD Commit Tyler Smith: Elite 11 Caliber?
The Elite 11 choices were made recently (I don't know when, exactly), and though no Maryland player was on it, MD commit Tyler Smith was apparently good enough, but didn't attend the right camp (or something along those lines:

Keep in mind that in order to qualify for the final Elite 11 invitation, players needed to attend either an Elite 11 regional camp or a Nike Football Training Camp and many quality prospects in this class chose not to participate. Guys like Notre Dame commit Andrew Hendrix (Cincinnati, Ohio/Moeller), Zach Lee (McKinney, Texas), Maryland commit Tyler Smith (Easton, Pa./Wilson Area) and Anthony Gonzalez (Bethlehem, Pa./Liberty), just to name a few, were not under consideration for this very reason. Obviously this made the selection process all the more difficult and tough decisions had to be made for at least five of the 12 spots.

Smith is a great prospect - ESPN loves him, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him get up to a 4 star on the other sites. It'll be interesting to see if he can challenge at all for the QB spot next year.

States that produce the most Elite 11 QBs: Virginia #4
That's actually pretty shocking, I had expected Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Michigan all to be above Virginia - shame, because I can't remember the last time we pulled a Va. QB, but the talent is nearby.

NCAA Highlights Maryland Athletics
If championships in men's soccer and field hockey don't get you there, not much will - Maryland has been recognized as one of the best 10 or so athletic programs in the nation by the NCAA itself. Nice, huh?

Andre Dawkins Early Arrival Analysis
Wondering what Andre Dawkins's early arrival to Duke does to the rest of the ACC? Paul Biancardi has you covered. In short: Duke will be good...again. Not sure I buy it yet - they still have only 3 guards on the entire roster - but they won't see a sizable drop.

Former Terp 2008-09 Overseas League Wrap-Up
Lots of former Terps played over in Europe this year, and the Maryland Where Are They Now blog has the wrapup of how every Terp did. Andre Collins did surprisingly well.