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Jin Soo Kim Changes Name, Now Jin Soo Choi

Wait, what?
- image via <a href="">Daylife</a>
Wait, what? - image via Daylife

In what is probably going to cause the most confusion out of all the news from the summer, Jin Soo Kim has changed his name. Unfortunately, this renders the "JSK" moniker irrelevant. It's a shame, because JSC just doesn't sound too good.

From Terrapins Insider:

According to a source close to the player, Jin Soo legally changed his last name to Choi in February, though all of the necessary documents were not completed until late May when he returned to South Korea following the end of Maryland's school year.


Choi's parents separated when he was an infant, and Choi was raised by his mother and stepfather, Ilsung Choi. According to the source, Jin Soo desired to acknowledge the impact his stepfather has had on his life, which prompted the last name change.

This change is yet to be reflected on his profile on Maryland's official athletic site, but that's unsurprising considering this is coming from a "source".

I am going to have so much trouble adapting to this. I've always referred to him as JSK. It's just felt right. As alluded to above, JSC just sounds strange. Maybe we can think up something better before the season starts.

At first I was afraid some media members would have trouble with the switch, but JSK never got enough playing time to even really register in any commentators minds. Maybe Choi will be 15 pounds heavier and more aggressive?