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"Terrapins Rising" to Rise Again on Tuesday

Terrapins Rising, the popular (at least among us) behind the scenes documentary of Maryland football, will return for another season of spring practice-y goodness. It will occupy it's normal time slot, which would be Tuesdays at 9:30 on Comcast SportsNet. (h/t Pat Stevens)

Last year had quite a few high points, from a guarantee of a national championship from then-new offensive coordinator James Franklin that obviously didn't turn out, to a trip to the yoga instructor with some offensive lineman, to the heartwarming tales of Bemi and Boom.

If you miss any episodes, FridgeTV usually has them, though it sometimes takes a week for them to be posted.

Definitely looking forward to this one again. It's one of the very few reasons to look forward to Tuesdays in the summer.