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Maryland Minute 7.1.09 - Ralph Friedgen Contemplating Longer Stay as Head Coach


Fridge may be around for a long time
We went and gave James Franklin that big "Head Coach in Waiting" title, but it may not mean much.

University of Maryland football coach Ralph Friedgen says he might want to remain in his post for up to five more years if the team is performing well - a move that could complicate the school's coaching succession plan.

Uh, yeah, that's not happening, even if it is fun to talk about. At least, not according to Debbie Yow.

"We don't intend to ever pay the million dollars. Things are going to be good," Yow said.


"That would have to be a conversation Ralph and James had, where James deferred the opportunity for two more years," Yow said. "That's what would have to happen because I don't have a million dollars to give James."

Whether that means we're going to get creative or she'll force Fridge out is unknown right now, but I hope it's the former. Also, does she have to say the athletic department is broke? Can't we put that in a euphemism or something?

More on Fridge's Possible Stay
Not a lot more than what was in the article, but just a few clarifiers.

Terp Commit Robinson talks Terps commitment
I really want to believe this guy will be a productive college player, I really do...but I'm having some trouble right now.

With offers from Fordham, James Madison, Massachusetts, Old Dominion and Stony Brook, it’s safe to say Robinson floated under the radar of most college football recruiters.
"I told Matt, ‘Maryland knows you better than any school in the country.’ ... The more they saw him, the more they liked him. ... He makes plays, he’s got excellent ball skills for a guy his age and he’s a smart player. Matt’s going to be a productive player. There’s no doubt in my mind."

Gary Recommends Booing Tony Romo
I love Gary Williams. And I love him even more that he encouraged people to boo Tony Romo at the Pro Am for Tiger's tourney in Bethesda on Wednesday. I'm a Ravens fan, but I still hate me some Tony Romo [ed's note: so do the other Redskin fans on the staff]... "There are certain standards in golf, and certain standards at Congressional Country Club. You don't wear your baseball hat backwards. You don't wear cargo shorts. You don't yell at golfers mid-swing, and you sure as heck don't boo. Wednesday morning will put those standards to a severe test..."

New 2011 Scout Top 75
Notable Terp targets:

#14 - Michael Gbinije
#25 - CJ Barksdale
#29 - Jordan Goodman
#30 - Trevor Cooney
#32 - Quinn Cook (that's just terrible)
#37 - Jabari Brown
#39 - Mikael Hopkins

Rivals Updated Theirs, Too
Not to be outdone by their main competitor, Rivals updated their top 2011 rankings today too.

Notable Terp targets:
#22 Jabari Brown
#29 Michael Gbinije
#34 Quinn Cook (even worse)
#38 Mikael Hopkins
#49 Jordan Goodman
#50 CJ Barksdale
#78 Trevor Cooney
#80 Grandy Glaze

Mike DeCourcy's Take on Lance Stephenson
Pretty much agreed.

From a basketball perspective, I do believe Stephenson wants to be successful and will come to understand being a good teammate is part of that package. College basketball always has been uniquely suited to training players in that regard, and Mick Cronin will do an effective job in making Stephenson part of something bigger than himself.


Obviously, that includes O.J. Mayo, who was cleared to attend Southern California. Former sportswriter Louis Johnson subsequently charged Mayo had received benefits before he enrolled in college—which means USC probably would have been in trouble even if nothing untoward had occurred while he was enrolled in school. That'd be the one worry for Cincinnati—it's almost like double-jeopardy.

Gary Parrish Overviews the Hilarious Henry Situation
Like I said yesterday - the Henrys > the Stephensons.

The week started with Carl Henry telling the Kansas City Star that his older son, C.J. Henry, is just as good as future Kansas teammate Sherron Collins even though C.J. hasn't played organized basketball in four years and despite the fact that he has never been considered an elite prospect. Carl added that both his sons plan to be one-and-done prospects and hinted that the reason Xavier isn't already at Kansas is because he doesn't want to go to class. Then the proud papa told a Kansas City radio station Tuesday that both his sons -- C.J. Henry and McDonald's All-American Xavier Henry -- might actually choose to enroll at Kentucky instead of Kansas because that's what Xavier wanted to do all along.