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Hypothetical Question: One Year of Greivis Vasquez or Two Years of Lance Stephenson?

Here's a tough question: if God/Buddha/Allah/Yoda/the atom of atheism came down from the skies and gave you the option between Greivis Vasquez returning for one year or Lance Stephenson joining the Terps for two season, which do you pick?

Vasquez's name is still in the NBA draft, but he hasn't hired an agent yet, meaning he can still pull out any time prior to June 15. Meanwhile, Maryland is in Lance Stephenson's final three, and could very well be his landing spot. Unfortunately, he could have some eligibility issues stemming either from a webisode series or a court case he is currently involved in. Maryland could get both, or neither, but I was wondering which people would rather have. However, I realize that a Greivis vs. Lance for one year straight up poll would be painfully lopsided in Greivis' favor, so I threw in a twist - you get Lance for two years.

[Ed's Note: I am aware that there's almost a 0% chance Lance comes for more then one year, if he comes at all. He's pretty much a one-and-done guarantee. But for the sake of the poll, let's say he does. It's a hypothetical exercise. Please don't comment saying "Lance won't stay two years so I pick Greivis". You get Lance for two years. This is a guarantee from the atom of atheism or Yoda, after all.]

The plus for Greivis is that 2009 with Vaz is a much safer bet than it would be with Lance. It's a near guarantee that Maryland will be in the top 25 at some point in 2009 if Vaz returns. With Born Ready, it's not even a likelihood. It's a possibility, sure, but so is a 6-10 season. On the flip side, a 2010 team led by Lance? Well, that could be great. With Ice Water (this was Lance's original nickname, believe it or not) seasoned a year, a possible top 15 class coming in, and the big guys acclimated to the ACC, that team could be special (or Stephenson could implode at any moment, rendering all the Terps' momentum moot).

Personally, I'd take Stephenson. I love me some Vasquez, but Stephenson, Ross, Stoglin, and possibly some combo of Parker/Smith/Harris/Jones would give the Terps an insane lineup at 1, 2, and 3. Don't forget about Adrian Bowie and Cliff Tucker, either. That back, when paired with an older Jordan Williams and James Padgett combo, is plenty enticing. I'd be willling to sacrifice 2009 for a 2010 with that bright of a future.

Luckily, you can't lose with either option. A Vasquez led 2009 would be very good and the recruiting class in 2010 could be good enough to eke out a tourney appearance on their own.

(I originally posted this on our Twitter (@testudotimes) but I figured it would be good over here too.)