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Who's Your Top 2010 Target Now?

Now that Will Barton is firmly in Josh Pastner's clutches, Gary and Co. have to find a new guy to put on the top of their wishlist. Even though I said they didn't pour all their efforts into Will, and they didn't, there's no doubt that he was probably the top target of the class. There are quite a few guys that could replace him as #1, and though none of them are of his caliber, they're all still highly touted.

It could be CJ Leslie, the highly recruited PF who used to be an NCSt commit. Even though he's never said he was too high on the Terps, he remains an option. It could be Mychal Parker, the SF from Virginia who could be transferring to Terp semi-pipeline Montrose Christian. Although he's high on Miami, Maryland is right there with the 'Canes for his services.

Or is it Roscoe Smith, the homegrown, five star SF? Rumored to be cooling on North Carolina, he could be wide open. Tobias Harris, a highly rated tweener from New York, is an option as well. Terrence Jones is also a possibility. A fringe five star tweener rising up the recruiting ranks fast, Jones is a good friend of current Terp commit Terrence Ross.

Well, go ahead and pick one.