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The Latest on Lance


So apparently we're recruiting some guy named Lance Stephenson.  I had no idea.  The news today comes from Zags, but at least it's actual news he's reporting this time.  The man they call "Born Ready" lists four schools he's considering: Arizona, Florida, Memphis, and Maryland.  Lance's father (also known as "Stretch") only comments on one school specifically, Maryland, and praises Gary and the staff for their patience with the family.   

I talk with Coach [Gary] Williams, Coach [Keith] Booth and Coach [Chuck] Driesell, they've just been there," he said. "Maryland is going through their process where they want to pick a player and they're not putting any rush on us. They want Lance to be sure if he does want to go to Maryland, that he really wants to be there. Maryland has been really patient in working with the family."

What does this all mean? No one really knows.  It's obvious that Maryland is being seriously considered but I still don't get the feeling that he really wants to come here.  If so, he would have committed long ago when his other "final schools" (Kansas and St. Johns) were cut off his list.  Lance Sr. insists that there is currently no favorite and that Lance intends on taking his final two official visits, presumably to some combination of Arizona, Florida, and Memphis (he's already taken one to College Park).  There has also been rumors lately that Europe may be an option for Stephenson even though he has repeatedly denied that.  Right now, I'd put our chances at landing Lance around 40%.  

Zags' update is actually pretty informative in that it touches on everything from Stephenson's pending sexual assault case, to his site, to his academic qualifications, to the latest not so friendly article on Stephenson and his family from our friends over at the WAPO.  On the article, "Stretch" had this to say:

"Well, The Washington Post’s opinion is like an asshole. Everybody got one. It’s just opinion." 

Yup, Lance Sr. compared The Washington Post, and writer Steve Yanda, to an asshole.  I don't know about you guys, but I now welcome "Stretch" and his son to the Terp family with open arms.