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Coming and Going - A Look at ACC Basketball in 2009-10, Pt. III

Tuesday, we brought you a look at the ACC Coastal Division (yeah, the division don't apply), and yesterday you saw the ACC Atlantic Division. Here's a companion piece, of sorts, a graphical representation of the data of the past two stories plus more.

Past the jump you'll see six graphs, each plotting out how much scoring, 3s, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks each teams is losing compared to other teams in the conference. In cases such as Maryland or Georgia Tech, with a star player only halfway out, there is a "Best Case" (ie, the player returns) and "Worst Case" (ie, the player leaves). Technically, Wake is in this position, but the graphs were big enough already and it increasingly looks like Jeff Teague isn't going to be staying in Winston-Salem for another year.

We encourage you to go back and look over the recaps armed with this information - it makes it a lot easier.

Click that link down there and get to analyzing and whatnot.