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Maryland Minute 6.30.09 - Kentucky Transfer Looking at Maryland


Matt Pilgrim Visiting Tomorrow
Matt Pilgrim, a big man transferring from Kentucky, is checking out campus tomorrow, according to Inside MD Sports. Pilgrim played for Hampton before transferring to Kentucky. He sat out last year due to the transfer, and one would think he'd sit out another year. One would think that, of course, until they were informed that he was forced out of his scholarship by incoming coach John Calipari.

Pilgrim is exactly what we need as a team next year. A tough, powerful 4 to take some pressure off the Padge/JWill duo. This would be a huge bonus for the Terps if it happened.

Don't get too excited
I got you all nice and excited about Pilgrim, only to pull it away. I'm evil like that. This interview may be in Memphis, but it's pretty rough. He refers to Memphis as "we", and said that "it's looking real good" that he'll commit to Memphis. Oh well, it was fun for about...oh, 12 seconds.

Jeff Goodman's 2010 NBA mock draft - Greivis Not Listed
I guess Gary was wrong about GV being a top 10 pick - Goodman, whom I like, doesn't list Greivis in his 30 + 1 mock draft.

Terps land football commit
Maryland got a highly needed football commit in athlete Matt Robinson, a 6-4, 205 kid from Atholton. Of course, he wasn't the level of recruit we highly needed - his number two was JMU - but it's better than nothing.

Stephenson officially to Cincinnati
Thank god this is finally over.

Lance Stephenson, a 6-foot-6 forward and a 2009 McDonald's High School All-American, has signed a financial aid agreement with the Bearcats and will join the team for the 2009-10 season. "We are very excited about Lance's decision to become a Bearcat," Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin said in a school statement. "Lance has terrific talent as a basketball player, and is also a fierce competitor on the court. His desire to win will help us compete for a Big East Championship.

Maybe not: Lance's case adjourned until July 15
This refuses to end. He probably won't officially be in at Cincy until the case is finished, so we may have more Lance news in the future.

Coach K Definitely Not Going to Coach Lakers
Darn. This would've been great.

Henry brothers reconsider choosing Kansas
Just in case you're interested, and because we actually cared about these guys for a couple of weeks: the Henrys are seriously considering not enrolling at KU, because - according to their father - they are "disinterested in attending classes at college".

Carl Henry >>>>> Stretch Stephenson