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Will Regan Commits to Virginia

Former Terp target Will Regan committed to Virginia today. Well, that's one we can cross off the board, I suppose.

Summer is a busy time in the world of basketball recruiting and the staff at Virginia has been working feverishly in pursuit of the top 2010 prospects on its wish list. And the hard work appears to be paying off. Less than three months after being named the new basketball coach at UVa, Tony Bennett has landed his first recruit, as Buffalo (N.Y.) Nichols School power forward Will Regan has committed to the Cavaliers.

I guess this means Jon Graham or Hippo Tsafack is that much closer to an offer, then. Regan was a good target who was growing on me, but he wasn't a must-get type of guy. He's a solid player, but not a stud. Maryland had and still has better targets on the board. It's tough to lose him in-conference, but I'm not sure Tsafack or Graham might not turn out just as good anyway. I'm not happy, but I"m not at all crying over this one.

(PS - The irony in this - to me, at least - is amazing. I almost put in a clipping in the MM post that I saw early today on UVA basketball recruiting. In it, I mentioned that they were after Will Regan, but I said they don't have much of a shot, if any.

Goes to show you exactly what I know about recruiting.)