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Maryland Minute 6.25.09 - Lance Stephenson Has Nowhere to Go to School


Anyone else watching the draft? I hate the Wizards. We could've had Ricky Rubio and DeJuan Blair. Instead, we get another combo guard with bad knees, a shooter that doesn't shoot, and 2.5 million dollars. Wonderful.

Sorry for the tiny MM today.

Momo Jones to Arizona
Well, that probably rules Lance out there.

New York point guard Lamont "Momo" Jones committed to Arizona Wednesday, choosing the PAC-10 school over Florida. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound Jones is the No. 11 point guard in the Class of 2009.

Even though they play different positions, I doubt Lance will go anywhere that has another 5 star guard freshman guard that likes to score. I'm also not sure if Arizona even has a scholarship for him anymore.

Combine that with the fact that Elliot Williams probably just took his starting spot at Memphis, and there's really nowhere for Lance to go to college. C'mon Gary, have a heart.

Tracking the Terps looks ahead to next year
Jeff Barker - of breaking the Lance Stephenson story fame - says that Maryland could be a top 25 team, but they need more offense for it to happen.

Greivis coming back is welcome news for Maryland, but it still needs more offense. The Terps certainly hustle on defense -- trapping and pressing and clogging the lane. But what happens when they get into a shootout such as when North Carolina hit 11 of its first 14 three-point attempts to begin a 108-91 victory in Chapel Hill?

Uh, sorry Jeff, you're not beating any team when they shoot 70+% from 3. This is not a team that can score 109 points, no matter how much improvement there is. That game was an aberration. However, I do agree with his basic premise.

Speaking of the draft...
Terrapin Trail, the Diamondback's sport blog, looks back on some of the most memorable moments for Terps in the NBA draft. The list? Joe Smith, Steve Francis, and, yes, Len Bias.

Jay Bilas' Argument Against One-and-Done: Lance Stephenson
Not really related to the Terps, but it's a halfway decent read. If there was no one-and-done rule, I think Lance would probably be out of the lottery, but in the first round. Too much talent for the second round, too many attitude issues for the lottery.