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Maryland Minute 6.23.09 - The "More" Edition: Nick Forbes to Cal, Justin Coleman Still Receiving Love


Nick Forbes commits to Cal
Here's a story I missed from three days ago - highly ranked LB Nick Forbes from Frederick committed to Cal over offers from VT, WV, Pitt, and yes, Maryland. More doom and gloom from football recruiting. Yet another tough loss to swallow.

Sorry, not done with NBPA stuff
Yeah, I said were were done yesterday, but apparently we aren't. SLAM had to be a bit later than everyone else in getting to cover it. Anyway, they, like everyone else, like Justin Coleman. Coleman is the only Terp target they mention:

Justin Coleman, 6-4 rising senior wing, Henrico County (VA): Coleman, a local product, started to generate some light national buzz this spring, but the camp was his true coming-out party. A big-time athlete with a great motor, he’s still somewhat raw and unpolished as a ballhandler and shooter, but as far as getting to the basket, finishing plays, rebounding, defending and overpowering opponents, Coleman is exactly what you look for in a player.

As long as we're on the subject of the NBPA camp...
I missed this about Michael Gbinije - he was voted the most promising player. Yes, over guys like Michael Gilchrist, who dominated the camp. Apparently NBE Basketball has it wrong. Gilchrist did win the most promising player after all.

Voted NBAPA Top 100 Most Promising Player [sic] [ed's note: he wasn't], Gbinije dropped 13 points a game, placing him seventh on the Top 100’s final scoring list. Mike did his work in a myriad of ways, including finishing on the break, attacking the rim and smoothly dropping jumpers, as is his wont. In terms of his development needs, Gbinije needs to amp his intensity at times, fine tune open court/left hand ball handling, and develop an aspect of his game that will stand out at any level - he’s good at everything, but possibly needs to excel at something.

For whatever reason, even though he just took a visit, his father did not list us (note: Gbinije's father, not Gilchrist's).

Frank Gbinije, Mike’s dad, shared his son is being recruited by "Georgetown, Texas, UVA, Virginia Tech, and Florida", most if not all of which called him June 15th, the first day college coaches can call the homes of perspective Class of 2011 recruits, per NCAA guidelines.

The NBPA recaps refuse to die
It's been nearly a week, but they keep rolling along.

Terrence Jones (6-8 PF – Portland, Ore., Jefferson - Rockets): In the opening round, he spent time both inside and out but was better near the rim with some impressive plays including a tough finish against the trees off a bad delivery to him. Converted what ended up being a putback of his own missed 3-pointer following an offensive rebounding battle that saw everyone mixing it up inside. Notable defensively was when he matched up with Tristan Thompson and took the chair out from him to force a travel.
Tobias Harris (6-9 PF – Long Island, N.Y., Half Hollows Hills West – Pistons): Brought a spark to start the game with a handful of offensive rebounds, a putback with his left-hand and a pair of run-outs for dunks. Despite losing, the team needed someone to create with their guards struggling down the stretch and he scored off a nice spin dribble going to the hoop. Finished with 21 points.

Definitely like what I hear from Jones - if he can show that he can be a somewhat consistent four, I'm all over him.

Tobias Harris Still Open
Yeah, this is a strange thing to post - it's pretty much saying nothing's changed. However, this is refuting a report from NBEBasketball that Harris liked Tennessee, UConn, and West Virginia the most. I wouldn't give too much credence to this refutation - guess the first three schools that are listed? Strange coincidence? Possible, but doubtful. Seems like we have some ground to make up in this recruitment (which I'm actually okay with - as much as I loved Tobias before, I'm being scared off for some reason. Don't get me wrong, I'd take him in a heartbeat, but I'd prefer a more athletic 4 like Leslie or Jones paired with a guy like Weatherspoon. I don't know why, but I really like that).

Vernon Davis Loves Fashion
Beware that link. You're about to dive into dark realms - like an interview with former Terp Vernon Davis...about fashion. Really, fashio. Like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc. He apparently wears "jeans tailored to [his] body" and "Swarovski crystals on the back of [his] jeans". And he uses a murse. I'll let you come up with your own conclusion, because it's clear from that photo that he's still ripped as hell, so I'm not saying a word.

One and Done Rule Could Possibly Be Changed
The NBA players' union is meeting Thursday in Vegas and will discuss the one-and-done rule. They are presumed to want to abolish it, and will push for that next month when they meet with David Stern about the new CBA. Stern, meanwhile, wants to up the limit to 20. It could get very interesting - personally, I hope Stern wins, because I think that's the perfect age for the NBA. Maybe if a kid's like a LeBron, they could apply or something to get an early release, but otherwise that would probably be for the best. I don't think we'll see a change, though.