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Maryland Minute 6.21.09 - NBPA Roundup, Roscoe Transferring


First, happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Second, there aren't too many links here, but that doesn't mean it wasn't an active weekend...just most the stuff I can't link to. It was definitely an active weekend, though, especially from a recruiting standpoint - check the FanPosts to see who was visiting campus this week.

Rivals Final NBPA Camp Roundup
Rivals wraps up the final days of the NBPA camp. The only Terp target in the roundup is Tobias Harris:

Harris carries a physical and skilled presence to the basketball court. Skilled on the perimeter, Harris can also be counted on to ground out plays inside.

Aaaannnnd....that's it.

Justin Coleman Wins NBPA Dunk Contest
This kid is flying up the radar. Is it wrong for him to be challenging Mychal Parker for the top wing spot in my mind?

Coleman bounced the ball off the court, off the backboard and finished the dunk to win the NBAPA Top 100 Camp’s dunk contest. Florida, Maryland and Virginia Tech are some of the schools currently recruiting him.

Roscoe Smith Transferring to Oak Hill
We knew Roscoe was transferring somewhere after Walbrook shut down. We now know where that is - Oak Hill Academy. Oak Hill is perhaps the most well-known of basketball academies, and should keep Roscoe in the mind of coaches and scouts, as he's taking most of the summer off from AAU. How's it look for Maryland? Well, it could be worse - Oak Hill isn't anti-Maryland - but it could be better - the Terps have never landed an Oak Hill player (Landon was a Terp before transferring to Oak Hill).

Parker Visiting Kentucky
There's a premium article on Scout that gives very little in the way of teasers. However, thanks to the wonders of the Googlebot, we discover through this article that Mychal Parker is visiting Kentucky next week. That's all we know, but it's still good info. A few weeks ago, I'd be devastated by this news. Now, though, there are way too many other targets on the board to get caught up with just one.

Mychal Parker informed me that he will likely be taking an unofficial visit to Kentucky next week. He's a 6-foot-6 wing out of Miller School in Virginia. ...

Sadly, that's all Google gives us.

Nermin Delic is Bosnian
Whoa...I was checking out reports on Delic's commitment when this blindsided me:

When Delic was a mere 6 years old, his father had both the foresight and the opportunity to get him out of his homeland of Bosnia. Delic was very young, but don't think for a minute that he lives without a lasting impression. And don't think for a minute that he has forgotten the man who got him where he is.

"Bosnia was a real urban area and it seemed like the war was everywhere," Delic said. "And for 5 of my 6 years there my father fought that war." He also fought to get us out of there and if it wasn't for him, none of this would have happened."

That was very unexpected, and also explains the name. I also saw this tidbit, which was reassuring:

Will you be taking any other Official Visits?
"I will not be visiting any other schools."

You seem pretty well set on following through with your commitment and attending Maryland.
"Its a place I can see myself," he said. "So I'm done...I'm a Maryland Terrapin."

OTL One And Done Debate
Phil Martelli, John Brady, and Jay Bilas get together to discuss the effects of the one and done rule on college basketball. Brady has as southern an accent as you'd imagine from the coach of Arkansas St., Martelli has his NY thing going on, and Bilas apparently has a bad sinus infection, so it's kind of tough to listen to, but the debate is good. Personally, I agree with Bilas - they're only 10 kids a year, and there were always kids leaving after one year. The problems that they supposedly bring don't come from going to college one year, but are a byproduct of the entire system.

Why are colleges avoiding Lance Stephenson?
Don't know the answer to that question? Want to? Got about ten to fifteen minutes? The NY Daily News breaks it down in a looong piece. Possible reasons: his dad, his attitude, his eligibility, and his court case.