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CJ Leslie Is a Highlight Machine

With rumors that CJ Leslie is visiting College Park this weekend floating around, I figured I should look up some stuff on him, seeing as all I know about him is that he decommitted from NCSt and he's a skinny 6-9 kid. While I was pretty impressed by the scouting reports I found (I like players who are "athletic freaks!" - his puncuation, not mine), I'm pretty sure he's my new #1 target just due to his highlight reels.


If you want a less sensational, more fundamentally correct highlight reel, this one should do fine.

I honestly fell out of my chair on the putback at the beginning of the first video. Granted, I was leaning back to start, but still, it was ridiculous.

Of course, this isn't a proper indication of how good he really is, but I saw enough "holy ****" plays for me to be pretty excited about him. Is he just tall and athletic? Possibly. But that's a great starting place. Plus, it looks like he does have some fundamentals down. And we'd be on SportsCenter a lot.