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Maryland Minute 6.15.09 - Vasquez Returns


Greivis Vasquez to Return, Withdraws Name From NBA Draft
Just in case you missed it. And yes, this is shameless self-promotion.

Maryland junior point guard Greivis Vasquez is returning for his senior season. ... Vasquez was having solid predraft workouts and was considered a possible first-round draft pick. But his inability to get a guarantee and the dearth [sic] of players at his position forced him to decide to go back to school.

Does Vasquez's return help the Terps recruitment of Stephenson?
As they call us "way too excited about what that means for 2010" (bubble team, true, but a second round bubble team), they ponder whether Greivis' return helps or hurts with Lance's recruitment.

If he were smart, Stephenson would call Williams right now and commit to play for the Terps. A backcourt of him and Vasquez could dominate a thinned ACC which, in turn, would propel Stephenson to the top of draft boards in 2010. But I'm not sure Stephenson will see it that way. The quotes coming from him and his father seem to suggest that they're most interested in going to a place where Lance can be the showcase. With Vasquez returning, that won't happen in College Park. Stephenson will likely have to play the role of second-fiddle. Can a young man who wanted to declare his college intentions on national television really be expected to cede the spotlight for the one year he's going to be in college? ... After all, if he cared about being on a good team, St. John's never would have made his college short list.

A few notes: 1) there's a 75% chance he's already decided where he's going and he's just waiting out the court case to announce, 2) if he cared so much about being the #1 guy, why did he have no problem going to Kansas?, and 3) hasn't Lance Sr. already mentioned Greivis as a positive? However, this is Lance Stephenson we're talking about, so logic be damned.

BSun's Article on Vaz
Not a lot new, but some $$$ quotes:

"Love you so much, man," a smiling Vasquez told his coach.

Cue the "Guy Love" song from the Scrubs musical.

"We have a chance to have a really good season," Hayes said.

There's that excitable Eric Hayes, making outlandish statements and whatnot. Not even a "great", EH?

Vasquez Met With Gary and Stu Vetter Today
I find this interesting. I'm fairly confident the decision was not made today. I'm also fairly confident he informed the staff before today. What I don't understand is why they would have a meeting. Appearances are everything, but was it really necessary?

Maryland Loses Two More Local Recruits
After EJ Scott committed to Virginia on Saturday over a Terps offer, we could've used some good news on the football recruiting front. DeMatha safety Jeff Knox was down to Maryland and Pitt, and made his decision on Sunday - unfortunately, it was Pitt. It's not a huge deal - he used to live in Pittsburgh - but it's not encouraging. The Terps also lost out on Kyrrel Lattimer, also from DeMatha, but they were never highly involved in that recruitment anyway.

PeShon Howard Drops Maryland Again
A few weeks ago, 2010 PG PeShon Howard said Maryland was one of his favorites, along with Stanford. Maybe he's taken a look at Maryland's 2010 recruits and saw Terrell Stoglin, a superior PG, already committed. He's not listing the Terps anymore.

Pe’shon Howard, who plays for Oak Hill during the school season, listed Stanford, Arkansas, Harvard, Virginia Tech, Alabama, Virginia, Rutgers, South Carolina, Arizona and Xavier as colleges of interest.