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Greivis Vasquez to Return, Withdraws Name From NBA Draft

Maryland's star point guard Greivis Vasquez has withdrawn his name from the NBA draft and is returning to Maryland for his senior year. Per ESPN:

Maryland junior point guard Greivis Vasquez is returning for his senior season.


Vasquez was having solid predraft workouts and was considered a possible first-round draft pick. But his inability to get a guarantee and the dearth [sic] of players at his position forced him to decide to go back to school.

All I can say is: YES! Also - quick, someone email this to Scott Howard-Cooper!

Now that that's out of the way, this is the right decision for Vasquez. I agree with Gary that he'll probably be a top 20 pick next year, and there were just too many point guards this year. Of course, I'm probably a little bit biased.

Signs were starting to point to this a few days ago. The fact that he still hadn't signed an agent showed that he was really undecided - an agent can only help at that point, and if he was sure he was leaving, there was no reason not to hire one. Then there was the injury, which can only hurt. Throw in the increasingly positive news about Lance Stephenson, and coming back just made more sense.

Next year should be great, but you already know that. No Greivis meant NCAA bubble team. A team with Greivis means possible top 25. And if Lance comes, this is a team with Elite 8 potential. Oh, I can't wait till October.