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Maryland Minute Weekend Roundup 6.14.09 - One-Stop Shop for Greivis Vasquez Speculation


I don't know about you, but the constant Greivis Vasquez news feels like Lance Stephenson three weeks ago.

Vasquez Tweaks Ankle in Philadelphia

While it's not a big injury, he did tweak his ankle which prevented him from working out for New Jersey and Philadelphia. Probably not a decision-maker on its own, but if he was leaning toward coming back, this could be the nail in the coffin. If not, it probably won't sway him too much.

The Maryland guard did not participate in a scheduled workout with the Philadelphia 76ers after tweaking an ankle in a group workout Saturday in New Jersey. While a bum ankle is unlikely to change the course of Vasquez's thinking, it is merely another element tossed into the junior's choice of returning to College Park for a final season or remaining in the NBA Draft.

Andy Katz on Greivis Vasquez
Andy Katz on Greivis' upcoming decision. No crystal ball, but an overall positive vibe.

A number of teams contacted by said Vasquez is a strong second-round selection, but if he returned he could be a solid first-round pick in 2010. Maryland coach Gary Williams is adamant that Vasquez will be top-20 in 2010. Williams said Thursday night that he's confident Vasquez will make an informed decision, sounding like someone who doesn't think his top point guard is leaving. But it's a bit early to project [ed's note: this was written on Friday]. Vasquez has one more workout (at Philadelphia on Saturday), but the Sixers aren't going to pick Vasquez at No. 17. Philly could be working out Vasquez in case it moves back.

Washington Examiner Predicts Greivis Will Pull His Name Out
Just some speculation from the Washington Examiner that Greivis will return.

There is too much to gain for Vasquez if he returns to school. Maryland's star point guard is considered by most reputable mock drafts a late first-round pick -- at the absolute best. Most have him going in the second round. And that means he's not even guaranteed a roster spot on an NBA team, let alone a chance to play.

NewsOK: NBA Draft is deep with point guards
While not directly Terp-related, it's a good look at the point guards in the NBA draft. Note: it doesn't list Greivis. This is one huge positive for him coming back.

"Jeremy Pargo last year would have been a borderline first-round guy. This year he’s fallen to where he might not even be drafted. That’s how deep it is at that position."

If Greivis really wants to play point, he needs to take note.

Gani Lawal Returning to Georgia Tech
GT star Gani Lawal pulled his name out of the NBA draft today, which is important for two reasons: first, GT could be pretty good next year, and second, it's one less player who could be drafted in front of GV.

South Carolina's Devan Downey Withdraws From Draft
Same logic as above - one less player in front of GV, so a slightly better chance he remains.

Texas' Damion James withdraws from NBA draft too
Yeah...see above.

Ross, Parker Talk Elite Camp, Recruiting
Some refreshing, non-Greivis news: Inside MD Sports has a free article on Maryland's elite camp this weekend. It ended this morning, and while there was no commitment, it was clear that progress was made with Mychal Parker.

"They really are at the top of my list, they’re really number one really," [Parker] said. "I’ll make my list in the middle of July but Maryland is in good position now."

Of course, we already talked about this, but the rest of the article is good reading too.

UMD Commit Lands SEC Offer
Only a teaser, but it gives enough info to reveal that MD DT commit Brice Laughlin picked up an offer from an "up and coming SEC program". A look at SEC programs reveals only Kentucky and Ole Miss possibly being described as up-and-coming, but whoever gave the offer is irrelevant. It shows two things: one, verbals mean nothing to schools, and two, the staff does a good job of evaluating talent. I expect Laughlin to stay committed, but you never know.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Matt Bracken's trusty recruiting roundup. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of Lance.