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Maryland Holding Elite Camp This Weekend

Inside MD Sports' Jeff Ermann is reporting that Maryland will be holding a basketball "Elite Camp" this weekend in College Park. There have been murmurs suggesting this possibility for quite some time, but this is the first solid word I've heard on it.

An elite camp is essentially a gathering of some of the best players in the nation, generally ones that are being recruited by the school. Elite camps aren't very useful for actually developing skills, but are more important as serving as a recruitment tool. It gives recruits a way to see the facilities, stay on campus, and meet the coaches without using an official visit. I'm pretty sure this is the first camp of this kind to be hosted by Gary Williams.

It's relatively common for players to commit "on the way home from" the camp. It's techinically illegal for the player to commit right then and there, but the "calling the coach on the way home" method is pretty popular. For what it's worth, the Bartons used Memphis' elite camp to commit. It's a very useful tool in this regard.

I'm yet to see a list of who's attending, but I'd expect Terrence Ross, Mychal Parker, Roscoe Smith, maybe some guys like Victor Oladipo, Jon Graham, or Justin Coleman, and some younger prospects, like Justin Anderson or Quinn Cook, to be in attendance. Past that? It's a crapshoot. I'm sure some info will leak out by Monday, and maybe we could look forward to a commitment.