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Gary Williams Joins Twitter


Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause (I don't care that it's May).

GW joined up on Twitter (a possibility that a Twitterer - jokingly - brought up not too long ago) May 4th, it appears. He's been twittering away quickly, with 15 updates already.

(For those unfamiliar with Twitter or those who have been living in Saddam Hussein's cave for the past two years, Twitter is an online messaging service, with updates limited to 140 characters. It's been called microblogging).

Most of his stuff so far has been him saying congrats to former players, and there's no guarantee it's him doing it, and not a ghostwriter. But it isn't just twitterfeed - there's actual things being said. I'm pretty psyched about this. I know some people say we just got bad breaks in recruiting - and we did, to an extent - but there has been an attitude change from the coaches in terms of recruiting, it seems. A lot of top talent is considering the Terps. Maybe this is an extension of that attitude change. It seems like something Gary just really wouldn't want to do in the past. Twitter is really growing, and though it's not huge, I'm sure some recruits use it. And while there are limits on texting, there are no limits on Twittering. It also gets some good pub, and it just bought a hell of a lot of goodwill from me.

Make sure to follow @MDCoachWilliams...hopefully he follows you back (he is currently following 0 people).