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Wednesday Links

It's been a long time since we've done a links story. I feel the nostalgia of the UVA game rushing back to me already.

  • This has already made some rounds around the 'net, but Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports had a great interview with Fridge. Yes, he's losing weight and is on a diet, but it's a great read even outside of that. In it, he pimps Kevin Dorsey as the next Darrius Heyward-Bey. He also pokes fun at JoePa, which is always good to read.
  • Pat Stevens of the Times has five offseason storylines to follow. He does mention that DeShawn Painter could possibly be on his way (not like inside information, just in passing), and I figure this time is as good as any other: I'm really not a Painter fan, and I'm not all that excited about possibly landing him. There, it's off my chest.
  • Matt Bracken has a nice recap of the 2011 game at the I-95 Challenge. Grandy Glaze looks like a great prospect, though he could end up going national - he's from Canada and will live there in the summer, so his ties to the area aren't that strong. Outside of that, none of the prospects he talks about really excite me, at least not yet.
  • The WaPo has an uplifting writeup on former Terp Edwin Williams, who's parents were crack addicts (and Edwin was born one himself). Was this news ever broken before now, because I really don't remember it?