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Terps Offer Friend of Ross (And He's Really Good)

T3_mediumTerrence Ross is already many people's favorite Terp. He probably didn't hurt his status by reaching out to good friend and top 30 PF Terrence Jones on the possibility of coming to Maryland with Ross (much like Stoglin has done with JD Weatherspoon, who was recently offered by Ohio State, FWIW). Again much like Stoglin, the Terps' coaching staff wasted no time in extending him an offer.

Jones is, like Ross, from the West Coast, and the rumor is that they were supposed to be a package deal. Of course, these package deal types rarely turn out, but when you already have one of the supposed package, you might as well go after the other.

Jones would be a phenomenal get. The class is still lacking a 4 man, whether it be Tobias Harris, Will Regan, or Hippolyte Tsafack. Jones is very possibly the best out of all of them. ESPN has him as the #26 player in the nation, while Tobias Harris is #27.

Jones is a hybrid if there ever was one. He's played a lot of point guard - yeah, you read that right, he's a four who's played point. He can play literally every position, and generally without getting beaten too badly by his man. He has a very good jumper and good range on his shot, as he's able to hit deep 3s on occasion. As he's played a lot of 1, he's a wonderful passer and can handle the ball well. In other words, he's a perimeter-based 4. He does need to work on his post game, but with Padge and Williams coming in, it may not be a huge deal.

There are some huge obstacles, of course - some premier programs (Duke, UNC) have been on him longer than the Terps, and he (and his family) would have to be convinced to go across the country for school. However, the possible "package deal" is a huge plus, and there have also been rumors that he was looking to move east (possibly to go to a school on the east coast, possibly for heightened publicity - either way, good for us).

I'm excited about the possiblity of landing him, Stoglin, and Ross in one class (I recognize he's still very far away from a commit - we don't even know if he'll consider the Terps - but I can't help myself sometimes). For one, we'd have T3 (if you didn't get the pic) in 2010. Secondly, that class would be incredibly great. Throw in one of Harris, Parker, Tsafack, Barton, Regan, or even Oladipo or Weatherspoon, and that class would be one of the best in the nation.