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Tom Luginbill Really, Really Likes Terp QB Commit

If you don't know too much about Tyler Smith, ESPN recruiting expert Tom Luginbill has some kind, informative words:

Mark it down right now, Smith could end up being the steal of this class as a quarterback and he possesses one of the quickest releases of any QB in this class. He is tall, athletic and can make every throw with great zip and velocity. The ball really jumps off his hand. The Maryland coaching staff as [sic] got to be tickled to death with this commitment as we feel he will significantly upgrade their depth chart and could become a real presence at the next level.

This is wonderful news. In-state recruiting has seemingly been lax lately, so going into Pa to grab "the steal of this class as a QB" is very encouraging news indeed. If you haven't seen his ESPN profile, it's worth checking out, because it - like Luginbill's analysis - is glowing. I've been searching for a highlight reel to glow about, but I haven't found it yet, if it exists.

The Terps are definitely stacked at QB in the coming years. CJ Brown and Danny O'Brien are coming in this year, both of whom are supposed to be pretty good, now Smith is coming in, and a fourth could be on the way. Don't forget about Jamarr Robinson, who is already there. I'm more than fairly confident that at least one of these guys will turn out.

Last year we got CJ Brown, this year we got Smith...we really like Pa. QBs for some reason. As long as they're this good, I'm fine with it.