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Rupp Resigns as Terp Baseball Head Coach

Maryland's head baseball coach, Terry Rupp, resigned today after nine years of average (some would say mediocre) work. From Maryland's official site:

After nine years of service, Maryland head baseball coach Terry Rupp has announced his resignation, effective immediately, and a national search for his replacement is underway.

"I thank coach Rupp for his nine years of hard-working and tireless service to the University," Associate Athletics Director for Compliance/Baseball Sport Supervisor Dan Trump said. "Terry has conducted himself in a first-class manner throughout his tenure in College Park and I have appreciated his dedication to the program.

Maryland baseball has never been particularly good, especially when compared to other ACC programs. Some blame the weather - Maryland is considered "cold weather" - even though other "cold weather" teams, like Ohio State, Xavier, and Indiana have all seen success this year. Poor facilities also get a lot of blame, which isn't a bad excuse, although other schools (Boston College) have been able to overcome it.

Eventually, the blame has to fall somewhere. This time, it fell on Rupp. True, the program only recently became fully funded, but there has been minimal improvement in results. It was time to try something else, because Rupp was obviously not working.

I'll be interested to see who we land in the "national search". I certainly hope it's someone who can revitalize this program - it'd make the spring a lot more exciting.